Second Peek! Let’s Fight Ghost Releases Official Posters & More Teasers

Cl7tVTlUoAEDd69.jpg large

tvN and Let’s Fight Ghost are getting ready to kick start their drama starring Kim So Hyun, Taecyeon, Kwon Yool, Kang Ki Young, David Lee and Kim Sang Ho. So far the tone of the show is light and fun, which is different to So Hyun’s usual drama choices, as most of her dramas are a lot more serious. It’ll be a nice and refreshing change on her front, and we will get to see if she also has a talent in comedy, and being funny without over-acting.

All right, I’m armed (with blankets & pillows), and ready to exorcise some ghosts!


Oh my god…that Sadako part gave me a fright. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat, although I don’t believe this show will truly be scary, but The Ring and The Grudge are two horror movies that made me pee my pants when it first came out. So not funny.

Behind the Scenes of Making

Hahaha, did Taecyeon has to teach So Hyun to be the childish teenager? I feel jealous on behalf of Park Bo Gum that he gets to star alongside So Hyun. Sigh.

Let’s Fight Ghost will begin airing after Another Oh Hae Young on Monday-Tuesday, July 11.


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