Special Project: Park Bo Gum’s Music Bank Fashion 2016

Cl4PuK3UkAQfeeh.jpg large

Music Bank Fashion 2016 is here! How sweet was Park Bo Gum purposefully wore a jumper with Thank You on the front? 13 months of emcee life comes to an end on June 24 for Bo Gum and co-host Irene. It kind of sucks, especially on the thought that we won’t be seeing him on a regular ‘once a week’ basis from now on. But looking on the bright side, he won’t have time anymore when he has to commit and be fully devoted to filming Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, which is much more important, since it is his first time being the hero of a drama.

As one may notice, his walk of fame pictures increase as time passes, which makes it extremely difficult for me to choose the best shot. There are so many I want to stick it in here, but since the topic is about fashion, I had to make way for full-body shots.

Initially, fans focus a lot on close-up shots (especially in 2015), but slowly, we begin to see full-body shots as they realised it is just as important to document his (stylist) choice of clothing as opposed to only taking beautiful pictures of him, hehe.

8 January

15 January

22 January

29 January — Absent. Kidnapped to Namibia, Africa for Youth Over Flowers.

05 February

12 February

19 February

26 February

4 March

11 March

18 March

25 March

LOLLLL so cute. I just had to stick this picture in.

1 April

8 April

15 April

This day marks the day that Bo Gum slayed me with the perfect combination of his bright, sunny smiles, pink sweater, light blue jeans, flowy natural hairstyle and gold rimmed glasses. *DEAD*

22 April

29 April

6 May — One Year Anniversary

Ooh~ flying heart on his socks, I only notice now. It’s the chest’s fault; it took all my attention away. :p

13 May

20 May

27 May — Black Hair Return

3 June

10 June — Bo Gum Potter Day

17 June

17 June — After Music Bank Shooting

24 June — Goodbye, Park Emcee

Last Emcee Stage


Once again, thank you to all Bo Gum’s fans for capturing these moments, which will now become beautiful memories for Bo Gum and us. Sincerely, thank you very much.


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