Special Project: Park Bo Gum’s Music Bank Fashion 2015


I have had this special project in mind since news broke out that Park Bo Gum is stepping down from KBS Music Bank‘s emcee position. I procastinated for couple of weeks, dreading having to go through a whole collection of yummy pictures—as picking only one or two out of the whole lot is a very difficult task. 2015’s ain’t too bad, but 2016 will definitely be painful.

With this special project that comprises of part 1 (2015) and part 2 (2016), not only will we get to see Bo Gum’s fashion / wardrobe, or should say his stylist’s hit and miss fashion taste, and officially bid our farewell to Music Bank Bo Gum Day.

1 May

8 May

15 May

22 May

29 May

5 June

12 June

19 June

26 June

3 July

O-M-GEE to the curly hair.

10 July

I’ll throw in a 3rd for his veiny arms and hands, LOL.

17 July

I have to thank the stylist for not curling his hair anymore after this.

24 July

31 July

7 August


14 August

21 August

28 August

4 September

11 September

 18 September

2 October

9 October

Note: No clear HDs for this date.

16 October

23 October

30 October — It’s Halloween!

He makes such a beautiful Count Dracula. The blue eyes suited him.

6 November

13 November

20 November

27 November

4 December

11 December

18 December

25 December

Sources: credit as tagged.

A very big thank you to all the fans who took beautiful pictures of Bogummy for 1 year++. It is because of your generosity that we, the international fans, get to see him every Friday.


Part 2 coming soon…


One thought on “Special Project: Park Bo Gum’s Music Bank Fashion 2015

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  1. thanks for the project. Now I can rearrange my stash of Bogum pics according to the dates. With folders and folders of his other pics.


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