Permanet Resident in Dramaland for the next 5-6 Months


Oh shit. How am I going to juggle between real life and drama life from now on for the next 5-6 months?

My schedule is super jam packed with the following dramas:

Monday – Tuesday

KBS2: Beautiful Mind
MBC: Monster
SBS: Doctors
tvN: Another Oh Hae Young

I am so sad to let Hae Young go; she has been so entertaining and such an enjoyment to watch each week. I sure will miss Seo Hyun Jin, and hope she comes back onscreen soon with another great drama.

To follow by:

KBS2: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (Aug 22)
SBS: Scartlet Heart: Ryeo (Aug 29)
tvN: Let’s Fight Ghost (July 11)

Oh this sucks. Uri Bogummy had wanted to work with Kim So Hyun, not against her, sigh. I’m tuning into all 3 because all 3 consist of actors I like, which does not include Lee Jun Ki.

Wednesday – Thursday

KBS2: Master – God of Noodles
MBC: Lucky Romance
SBS: Wanted

I’m not sure I’ll watch Wanted because I don’t think highly of the female lead (she’s meh in acting). However, I do think Wanted’s storyline is alluring. Lucky Romance is going to face tough competition from July onwards with the ratings.

To follow by:

KBS2: Uncontrollably Fond (July 6)
W (July 20)
SBS: Jealousy Incarnate (Aug 24 )

Woah. This is interesting.

Lee Jong Suk vs Jo Jung Suk vs Kim Woo Bin
Suzy vs Gong Hyo Jin vs Han Hyo Joo

I think the winner for the girls will no doubt be Gong Hyo Jin. Her acting prowness is way more established than the other two. As for the guys, I like to think Jo Jung Suk will lead the way for acting. But really, it depends on which show has the better writing, directing and execution, and even then, all these doesn’t equate to popularity of a drama.

Friday – Saturday

jTBC: Mirror of the Witch
OCN: 38 Task Force

Much less competition on a weekend in my dramaland. Phew.

To follow by:

tvN: Cinderella & Four Knights


Looks like weekend is catch up days on dramas. LOLLLL. I think Beautiful Mind will be the first drama I’ll have to spend Sunday catching up on since I haven’t even started it.

The comforting thing is no interesting dramas from other dramalands; I can concentrate solely on Korean’s.


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