Third Peek! Kim Woo Bin & Suzy Back to School in Uncontrollably Fond


Ohhhh crap. Seeing Kim Woo Bin in high school uniform brings back bad memories for a split moment. The bad image is gone now, but damn, I wish I could un-see Heirs sometimes.

… at least Woo Bin looks friendly and less dangerous in these few shots from upcoming KBS drama, Uncontrollably Fond. Although Suzy looks distressed. Wae? Woo Bin’s not good enough looking? Hehehe.

I would say this is another drama that is highly anticipated by fans from both the leads. It is also been awhile that both of them have done any drama. This drama is pre-produced, and it has already wrapped up. This means both Suzy and Woo Bin are free to take up another offer, hahaha.

Woo Bin-ah, can you possibly do a cameo in W; and Suzy, maybe one in Let’s Fight Ghost? I like seeing reunions between old friends.

Uncontrollably Fond is set to air in two more weeks on July 6 on KBS2.


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