Second Peek! More Stills of Han Hyo Joo & Lee Jong Suk in W


It is getting more and more enticing when I read up about the premise for W. However, I am also equally scared and fear that this show might fail if the screen writer and production team cannot execute it all the way through.

The idea of a parallel universe + romance fantasy is seriously captivating; I really look forward to watching it unravel and woah me. Yet with South Korea’s live shooting system, I am not so confident that they are capable of pulling through such ambitious storyline / special effects (if there is) when they need to meet tight airing deadlines.

No matter what, I hope MBC and casts can give me a great experience through the parallel world, delivers a top notch Inception-like intelligent and brain stimulating fantasy drama. Other than that, also give me a bloody good romance, hahaha.

Teaser 3 & 4

Oh. So. Hot. A scene when Lee Jong Suk was still an Olympian shooter. He then later retires to set up his own business and became a chaebol. He must have an IQ200 to be ale to do all these at such a young age. Aish. Right now my guess is his world must the fake one. Everything is too fairy-tale like…but is it?

Meanwhile the beautiful doctor plays by Han Hyo Joo, works hard day-in and day-out at a hospital. Hmm. A lot more realistic, isn’t it? So could she be in the real world? I hope her character is a tough cookie—none of the meek, undecisive, damsel in distress and candy-like personality are written into her. We’ve enough of that now, and the world needs less of these sort of women, especially South Korea.

At this point, I don’t think I care too much about who is in the real or fake world. I just want to see how they meet, fall in love, and go through with them all the emotional conflicts that set them apart.

For Teaser 1 and 2, go to here

W is set to premiere July 20.


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