Second Peek! Uncontrollably Fond Releases more Posters & Preview


UPDATE: Added #4 preview trailer

Aigoo. So much pretty, I just can’t…and to think I don’t reaaaaally know what’s the premise of this drama. I purposely avoid reading about it, so all I know is the basics. It sounded like a melodrama too, but then I don’t know how it can turn out to be one based on the sypnosis. It’s also difficult to link the characters of the leads to the supporting roles, who are super filty rich people. Like, how in the world do their life intertwine with one another???

Teaser #3

LOLLL. Kim Woo Bin needs to be more convincing than this. His left hand and fingers aren’t even moving when pretending to play the electric guitar. If I were the girl in Suzy‘s place, I probably wouldn’t fall for a fake guitarist, hahaha.

[NEW] Teaser #4

Love the poster, love the hair, love the colours! I hope he keeps the hairstyle. As we have learned from the teaser, uri Kim Woo Bin (Heirs) plays a top hallyu rock star. He is perfect in looks (although I beg to differ); he is also smart and exudes deadly charm. Now Woo Bin, my dear Woo Bin—all I ask for is you not to be a jerk this time, okay? You can be a jerk in the beginning, but do NOT be a bully.

Aw. So beautiful. Love the poster, love the expression she wore on her face too. Suzy (The Sound of a Flower) plays a documentary PD with a strong sense of justice, but tends to grovel at the sight of money. Hmm… super rich guy versus a poor girl scenario again, huh? Well, as long as she won’t be the candy or a damsel in distress, I think I can deal.

Im Joo Hwan (Oh! My Ghostess) plays a second generation chaebol that works at KJ Group. He is supposedly to have gentle, kind and approachable demeanor. I say ‘supposedly’ because I don’t believe he is truly gentle and kind, especially the last time he was gentle and kind, he turns out to be a super bad person.

Im Joo Eun (Empress Ki) also works for KJ Group, as the team leader of Planning department. She is domineering and I supposed she’s born with it, as coming from a rich family. It is said that she has a secret that no one knows. Hmm okay. Not that I’m really interested in your darkest secret. My memory of Im Joo Eun isn’t very fond as she was either a terribly cruel empress in Empress Ki, or she was completely useless in Heirs. Hahaha. I hope this time her character will not only stand out, but at least has a better ‘ending’.

Uncontrollably Fond is scheduled to air on KBS2 on July 6 at 10 pm KST.

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