First Peek! Let’s Fight Ghost Releases New Stills

Ck5C9OiUYAAdCrG.jpg large

Let’s Fight Ghost (싸우자 귀신아) is falling into its place quicker than I thought. Drama stills of Kim So Hyun (School 2015: Who Are You) and Tacyeon (Assembly) are out, as well as a short teaser.

It’d be a lie if I say I am not a least bit interested to check it out. I am, most definitely, for Kim So Hyun’s sake. Another reason would be, it is tvN, which have been pumping out one after another good quality dramas.


Kim So Hyun is really growing up to a young, fine lady. She is absolutely gorgeous in this white and red checkered uniform. The skirt is way too short, but that’s the fashion trend for all high school drama, LOL, which I must admit it definitely looks better than having the skirt at knee-length. She doesn’t look too ghostly in these stills yet, so maybe we’re seeing the stills from scenes when she is still alive.

Tacyeon, on the other hand, does not look like a high school student to me in these few shots. Will tvN change the script to him being a freshman in college, or someone just got out of college to better suit his current age?

Kwon Yool plays Joo Hye Sung, a vet with a secret no one knows of.

CkuA9QmUUAAws6D.jpg large  

Filming the teaser in front of the green screen. Kim So Hyun plays a ghost who died a day before her big entrance exam. More details here.

Tune in to Let’s Fight Ghost on July 11 on tvN.

Source: tvN Twitter


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