Domino’s Pizza: Our Men in Black


When we think about pizza. We wouldn’t associate pizza as a classy food, and we sure wouldn’t want to be served pizza in fine dining. It isn’t considered as healthy food either, but pizza has come a long way, and we have seen it going gourmet—promising to serve customers with healthy ingredients in Western countries.

In Asia, today in particular, I am seeing Domino’s Pizza upgrading their franchise, attemping to lure customers by suiting up currently the most popular It-Blossom-boys, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum. LOL. Did it work? Do we feel all better and less fat eating pizza because of these two? I can’t speak for the others, I think my fat tummy on the front is still protesting, but it’s for the majority of the fans to tell me… hehe.

… and I’m gonna cut the crap & just go into the CFs. 😀


Ah. Gorgeous. Aren’t they? No? Yes? The main star, the focus, is obviously Song Joong Ki in this teaser, and Bo Gum looks like he’s just a passer-by, the supporting character. That’s okay, hun, you’re the better looking one (for me) anyway, kekeke.

Official Teaser

Forget the pizzas. The men in black suit are the ones we’re interested in eating. :p

This boy looks like he’s trying to steal one to eat… hehehe

Okaaay, I’m hungry.



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6 thoughts on “Domino’s Pizza: Our Men in Black

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  1. OMO… ige nuguyaaa?
    Hahhahahha… wait, are they selling men or pizza? Why I saw more of men and less pizza? Will the pizza be delivered? by those men?

    Kidding aside, I totally agree with you. That boy on the right might be a supporting character, but he’s better looking. See that… when he looks right at the camera like that.. he looks more manly, tough looking than the other. What’s the boy name? he seems familiar to me….. XD


    1. One wants her pizza delivered by these men; the other wants to be the pizza. So the situation is Mellina will be delivered by the men in suits and eaten by t12ndoank. HAHAHAHA…meanwhile I’ll be the one that want to eat them, there, I said it too (twice, actually). 😀

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Is the role for Ginny Bogum Potter still vacant? Can I volunteer? Though most suited role for me would be Hermione, but I don’t mind being Ginny. Hhehehheh..


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