First Peek! Scarlet Heart:Ryeo Poster & Preview


UPDATE: Added 5 mins preview of the drama

Ladies and gentleman, look what we have here? First poster released for all the main characters of Scarlet: Ryeo (or Bu Bu Jing Xin). Everything is falling into its place nicely now. As previously introduced here, here and here, the drama is helmed by IU, Lee Jun Ki, Kang Ha Neul, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo and many more.

NOTE: I’ll be sticking the teaser trailer into this post if they release it next without any new stills.


It looks promising, with pretty and colourful costumes and very nice sceneries and backdrops, but this is only judging from the preview. A lot still rest on the script. Based on what we see, it’s going to be very melodramatic, perhaps like The Moon that Embraces the Sun sort of melodramatic or even worse because Bu Bu Jing Xing original is pretty melo to the core. It’s not going to be my cuppa, but I probably would still check it out for the sake’s of all those cute boys, and I wonder if I might fall for Kang Ha Neul’s charm instead of Jun Ki’s… hahahaha.

I… hmm… I am not so sure why Jun Ki is wearing a mask as if he’s Phantom (of the Opera) since the 4th Prince of the original didn’t have a defect or hidden identiy. I’m sure we’ll know why soon.

Needless to say, IU makes a beautiful princess (even though she’s not playing one in this drama). So no doubt she is beautiful in hanbok.

Prince Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo here look pretty decent in hanbok respectively. I was a tiny bit concerned sageuk may not suit them, but looking quite handsomely in these stills.

The character stills above are a couple months old by now. I thought I will wait till more are released. Baekhyun  looks darn cute in the picture above, whereas Hong Jong Hyun is already looking evil in his character stills—LOL—already into his character, I see.

Now who might you be, Yoon Sun Woo? Ahhhh I see. He plays the 9th prince…which does not ring a bell in my head. Update: Oh never mind, I remember who the 9th prince is now. He is the supporter of the 8th prince.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is slated to air on Monday-Tuesday, August 29 on SBS.


2 thoughts on “First Peek! Scarlet Heart:Ryeo Poster & Preview

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  1. I should be excited with this drama…..

    ………….but I caaan’t (everytime I think Bo Gum’s Moonlight will be face to face with this and I’m so very very very scared Moonlight will be like Come Back Ahjussi’s sad fate under the gigantic DoTs..huhuhuhuhuhuuuuuu)


    1. I think if you want to watch it, just watch it. You can’t do anything about the ratings anyway, and we shouldn’t let our love/interest for any dramas get in the way of the enjoyment of our personal drama-watching experience just because they are fighting against each other in the same time slot.

      However, if say, Ryeo doesn’t have good substance, but garner more popularity & recognition over other dramas with excellent script/acting/directing, that’s when we start cursing, LOL.

      I’ll let you in on a secret… DotS’s writer Kim Eun Sook is blessed by a certain Power of the Universe this lifetime, so any dramas that go against hers will have the same fate as Come Back Ahjussi no matter what.

      Liked by 1 person

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