52nd Baeksang Arts Awards


Last night I was adamant I won’t waste my time blogging on 52nd Baeksang Awards, but now that I saw these pretty pictures in HD, especially of the actors I admire, I succumb. I won’t be sharing the list of the winners, because that will only give me high blood pressure again. Instead, I am taking this as an excuse for all the busy Ssangmundong kids and parents to find time for a small reunion. And I am sure those who is truly interested knows where to find the list e.g. Google.

Without further ado, let us all go behind the scenes of these glamorous stars’ wardrobes for the night.

I am going to start with Suzy because she is the hostess of this year’s award. Sexy in black, but simple. I like it. She looks gorgeous in it too.

She then changed into this dim floral dress for the second half of the show. Suzy was awarded with InStyle (WTF) Award and Popularity Award (Film).

Next up we have Joo Won. He always looks great, but never really stand out. He did not win an award last night, which is a sigh of relief for me—Yong Pal isn’t the it-drama to win an award.

The biggest disappointment had to be for Jo Jin Woong. Uri Detective Lee Jae Han was all dressed up for the occassion, but only get to be a presenter, and not rewarded for his excellent and outstanding performance in both TV and movie categories. Talk about being the biggest hoo-goo of the night.

Byun Yo Han once again was robbed from an award. He didn’t get it for Misaeng, and this time, he didn’t get it for Six Flying Dragon. Aish.

Park Ha Sun‘s dress makes her look pale and tired, whereas Ryu Hyun Kyung‘s dress blends into the blue background when she had to stand in front of it for all the reporters. Both dresses were not flattering.

Park So Dam scored a trophy for Best New Actress (Film) for The Priests. A lot of whitish, fair colour dresses last night, and hers are one of those that look nice, but doesn’t stand out.

Kim Hyun Joo‘s black dress is nice, simple and comes off teensy bit too boring at the bottom. Maybe she should show off her heels, if they are nice too. I can’t see through those long dress. Much better dress from Go Ah Sung.

Kim So Hyun was invited as a presenter…to which I cannot remember presenting which awards now, LOL. She should take lessons from Lee Sung Kyung on how to walk elegantly on a red carpet. All her red carpet shots look awkward.

I thank God that Kim Go Eun did not walk the red carpet tonight. Her dress is so unflattering! Congratulations on winning the Best New Actress (TV) for Cheese in the Trap.

Congratulations, Shin PD — Best Director for Answer Me 1988.

Congratulations to Kim Hye Soo for Best Actress (TV) for Signal. At least she got one on behalf of the Signal team.

Lee Byun Hun is also a winner last night.

Kim Min Suk from Descendants of the Sun was also there as a presenter.

D.O of EXO walks home with a Popularity Award (Film). An award honestly not required, and I just hope the fans did not spent too much money voting for their biases.

Park Seo Joon is busy filming his new drama, Hwarang, but he makes time to attend the award ceremony for his first Best New Actor (Film) nomination for The Chronicles of Evil. Only to go home empty-handed. Ugh.

Bae Seung Woo is involved in many movies I’ve seen, so I’ve no idea what he’s here for. LOL, excuse my ignorance.

Han Hyo Joo pales a lot with all the other girls looking pretty and elegant. I quite like the dress, but it doesn’t leave a strong impression. Most importantly, her makeup makes her look tired.

Gong Hyun Joo and Lee Jung Hyun — one is under-dressed, the other is like a bride, but a pretty looking bride.

Yook Sung Jae was nominated for Best New Actor (TV) for his performance in Who Are You: School 2015. These two pictures are adorably cute, LOL.

Park Jung Min, whom I only knew him from You’re All Surrounded, manage to beat all my biases and grab the Best New Actor (Film) award. *Cries*

Im Siwan, was he the winner last year? I think he is, hence, gets invited back to hand over the same award to the next actor.

That OILY hair again. Yoo Ah In took home the Best Actor (TV) for Six Flying Dragons from Jo Jin Woong of Signal. *Cries*

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki of Descendants from the Sun are the big winners. The SongSong couple won Popularity Award (TV) and the show took home Daesang (TV), which is a huge joke, since there are better quality dramas in the nominations. Whatever anymore…

Lee Dong Hwi‘s fashion sense always come off weird. LOL, is it the hair or the shoes? Something just don’t seem quite right on him.


Hyeri of Girl’s Day, uri Sung Deok Sun, looks elegant and beautiful tonight. Her dress is probably the second or third favourite of mine for the night. It sticks to her body really well too, and she has nice upper arms—not too skinny, meaty or flabby.

If Na PD is to produce this award show, I wonder what caption he will give to uri Go Kyung Pyo‘s new hairstyle. Whose/which inspiration he gets from this time for that haircut. It’s quite shocking.

Ahn Jae Hong has not changed one bit since Answer Me 1988, or he did gain a few more kg? But either way, looking suave on the red carpet.

Ryu Jun Yeol must have been busy filming Lucky Romance and missed the red carpet. He beats all his Ssangmundong chingu as well as BFF, Byun Yo Han to win the Best New Actor (TV) for Answer Me 1988. Congratulations. I love how proud Cheetah Omma looks, hehe.

Park Bo Gum walks the red carpet with style and all smiles. I actually forgot it is Baeksang night for him. He must have rushed to the venue from KBS Music Bank live shooting. I like the pants and shoes, but not too sure about the jacket…it’s nothing too wow for me. I prefer last year’s KBS Drama Award attire instead.

Oh look, he got an award too! Just when I thought there’s nothing left for him, and out of nowhere he was awarded with an InStyle Award. I’m sorry? Come again…WTF is that? I am tuning into an Art Awards Show about Films and TVs still, right? Hahahahaha… so random. Well, at least he still has a pretty and shiny gold trophy to decorate the house with compared to his other co-stars.

Ra Mi Ran!!! I lub her, even though she’s not wearing cheetah prints last night. She takes home an award for Best Supporting Actress (Film) for movie, Himalayas. I will admit I probably won’t watch that movie. LOLOL.

Seo In Guk surprise me by appearing on stage as a presenter, except why isn’t he the one who give that stupid InStyle Award to his little brother, Bo Gum? Would it kill the industry to let the brothers reunite on stage, in the same frame for just once? Sigh.

Like In Guk, Lee Jong Suk was there too, as a presenter. I can’t find nice pictures of him from the media, so hopefully his loyal fan base will start releasing HDs of him soon. Seriously, fans take better photos than the reporters these days.

Last but not least, my favourite dress of the night had to be from Lee Sung Kyung. Stylish, elegant and not-over-the-top screaming for attention. She was absolutely stunning from head to toe. Perfect hair, head band and high heels. The detail on that dress is beautiful too, with embroided stars to fit the occasion. Thumbs up!

Source: see watermarks

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7 thoughts on “52nd Baeksang Arts Awards

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  1. Waenyeol..
    Because the commitee didn’t like the idea of inviting The Park Bo Gum, the current IT BOY.. but giving him any award. So they just thought of any label to be attched to a trophy and came up with Whatever Award.
    But I believe uri Bo Gummie will soon snatch more well-deserved acting awards for his own talent. The boy is just 24, so he still has so many many years to collect some more shiny trophies.


  2. Awww my Reply babies! Never thought I’d see all them together again, what a treat. ❤️ I would agree that Signal def got robbed, but I guess they would need to recognize DoTS somehow.


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