Progress of Latest Drama Watching — June 2016


Right. I think it’s impossible for me to write individual review (or rants) for all the dramas I saw as of late, so this is all I can do to spew my thoughts, under the circumstances of ‘uninspired’ moments, or when procastination / laziness kicks in. I usually am more inspired to spazz enthusiastically at the time of airing rather than after it ends anyway. The ‘moment of Feels’ felt whilst watching gets lost at the end. So here goes.

Note: this post contains spoilers.

 data-reactid= Goodbye Mr. Black

by Lee Jin Wook, Moon Chae Won, Kim Kang Woo, Song Jae Rim, Yoo In Young.

Sigh. I tried my best to stay on it. I really do. I was soooo close to completing it; I was already on episode 17, but I lost the will to put up with more bullshit from the script writer and Min Sun Jae.

I cannot, for the love of God, be empathetic to Sun Jae. I do NOT understand and cannot comprehend his predicament. He is a pitiful character that I absolutely refuse to give pity to, because he does not deserve it, and because he doesn’t acknowledge his wrong-doings are all his own choice; not forced by Cha Ji Won & co. I refuse to spare him from his guilt, and I most certainly do not see how Mari could ever love him.

The storyline was never engaging; I was hanging on in hope it would get better when Cha Ji Won begins his supposedly well-planned revenge, and I did have a soft spot for Lee Jin Wook. However, that part of the plot was executed poorly, or I should say the script writer did not know how to draft a perfect revenge plan in the first place. It is also frustrating that Lee Jin Wook has proven to either have very bad luck, or have bad taste in picking dramas. There was absolutely no chemistry between him and Moon Chae Won too. Their loveline and love scenes are mostly awkward to watch. Thus, it makes my viewing experience unbearable as the time passes. It also marks the second time Yoo In Young lost Lee Jin Wook to the female lead (first one was The Three Musketeers, LOL). Lastly, it was a waste to put Song Jae Rim in the show.

Status: Completed

Verdict: 👎

Daebak / Jackpot

by Choi Min Soo, Yeo Jin Goo, Jang Geun Suk, Jun Kwang Leol, Im Ji Yeon, Yoon Jin Seo.

This 24-episodes sageuk started out promising. Now?—I don’t know anymore. It had always been a drama with flaws, but it was still really good, mainly because Choi Min Soo is so god damn awesome as King Sukjong (he still is by the way); Yeo Jin Goo is nailing hearts as Prince Yeoning, and Jang Geun Suk is proving that he’s more than just being an oddball, after cleaning up himself to play Baek Dae Gil. I even enjoyed Jun Kwang Leol‘s twisted evilness as Lee In Jwa. Initially, I was skeptical about his acting as I didn’t think he’d be good. I hated his character and performance in Remember. But now his character is annoying again because the he and the story went haywire recently.

I wasn’t thrilled to see show kill off Royal Consort Choi Soo-bin. I like Yoon Jin Seo’s performance, so I wanted to see her do more. The show keeps having her swear to take revenge on Lee In Jwa, but it all ended with empty words. That’s rather degrading for her character, and an insult to Yoon Jin Seo—because clearly, her character could have contributed more to the plot.

It’s also as if the show kills off Dam Seo because general public dislike her. However, it is true that there is nothing to like about her. Im Ji Yeon‘s acting was super bland, and is constantly outshined by Yeo Jin Goo and Jang Geun Suk. I’m not convinced how the two brothers could fall so deeply for her when they barely knew her. It had played out to be more of an infatuation with her beauty more than anything deeper than that, and then next thing we know, both are heartbroken over her death. Eh? Other than that, the show also fails to incorporate her character into the main plot. I’m not upset with her death as I was of Choi Soo-bin, but I was surprised since I thought she’s the lead of the drama.

I am continuing because (1) I am in love with Choi Min Soo’s acting. He blows my mind away with his powerful performance, and renders me breathless few times. It’s no lie. He is that awesome on-screen. (2) I like Yeo Jin Goo in hanbok and he’s another good actor worth watching out for, and (3) I want to know how the show plans to end this mess.

Now that Choi Min Soo has officially stepped down from the throne (King Sukjong passed away in E19, NOOOO!), I just hope the rest of the young actors can hold the fort for 4 more episodes.

Status: Still going

Verdict: 👌


by Ji Sung, Hyeri, Kang Min Hyuk.

I don’t have much to say about this drama except I’m not sure why I am still following this. The only plausible reason is because there are no other Wed-Thurs dramas I could watch, and the show is bearable. I did like the OST by Kang Min Hyuk; it’s catchy. Ji Sung is charming in there, but not enough to save the show. Hyeri and Kang Min Hyuk are still very weak in acting, and this should not be surprising for me, but it is glaringly noticeable after shedding off their Answer Me 1988’s and Heirs’ halo respectively.

I find this sad, because I really like Hyeri as Deok Sun in Answer Me 1988! I don’t quite understand why she is doing okay in Answer Me, but not this. To be fair, she was never that superb in Answer Me, but at least I did not find her acting that unnatural. This is also another show that tries to force audiences to accept the non-existent attractions between two leads. Sigh.

Other than the bad acting, the main reason is definitely the lack of good script/plot writing. Bad guys fretting over the damage one poor, powerless ex-employee can do to them is petty and uncomprehensible in real life.

Status: Still going

Verdict: 👎

Good Partner: Muteki no Bengoshi

starring: Takenouchi Yutaka, Matsuyuki Yasuko

Surprisingly, this show is getting better and better. I thought it might get a bit redundant and boring if the show repeatedly rehash the same way Sakisaka Kento handles his case every episode.

However, the show manages to spice it up by pairing Sakisaka up with different characters, and each time it brings out a whole new flavour, and the cases don’t end in the same way. The show also deals with his marriage issuse at a timely pace, balancing it with each case per episode, and now he is in the process of patching up his relationship with his ex-wife, Natsume Yoshie.

At this point, I don’t know if they will reconcile, but I like that they are now trying to be friendly with one another. Well, the catch-word here is: try. Hahaha. At least I see they can now sit calmly together and talk about their marriage, and is nearing the process of wanting to understand why they broke apart.

More details of the initial sypnosis can be found here.

Status: Still going


Vampire Detective

by Lee Joon, Oh Jung Se, Lee Se Young, Lee Chung Ah, Jo Bok Rae, Kim Yoon Hye.

So. The premise is human Yoon San played by Lee Joon gets injected with vampire blood that has been modified, and he turns into a vampire. No surprise there. But the catch is, we don’t get to see how he deals with becoming vampiric. He goes about the daily business as usual. There was no insights to his mind or emotions, or his reactions to all this new vampiric senses and desire. Does he even have the usual blood lust desire? I don’t know—this omission leaves a bad taste in my mouth. However, I desperately want to know more about the vampire business, and I still am hopeful the show will reveal San’s struggle/thoughts later; thus, I stay on with the reason it’s only an episode a week; it doesn’t take up too much of my time. But an episode per week can be a pain when the plot remains stagnant for weeks! I forgot what episode I am currently on, but it’s the latest, and I must say: ‘FINALLY!’

Finally the show got to the root of how all these started—the backstory of Yoon San we all have been so painfully waiting for. I don’t care if he knows he’s a vampire or not; I just want the show to stop side-track us by giving us filler episodes. That’s exactly how I feel about the previous episodes, because they neither have new revelation nor they have any relation to Yoon San’s backstory. Even Yong Goo Hyung’s past had nothing to do with the show’s main plot; thus, holds no real value that he resolves this knot in his past—at least I don’t see the point of it. The worst episode had to be the one with the online broadcasting. That was a complete waste of an episode.

Now, I just want to see Kang Tae Woo’s shit face when he finds out after he chose to become a vampire, he still loses to San. Muahahaha. He obviously still has not won Jung Yoo Jin over. Then there’s the fact that he is only a normal vampire who can’t live without blood, and can never see the light of the day. Yet San is a Daywalker and is not susceptible to sunlight. Take that, the-douchebag-who-tries-to-steal-other-people’s-girl! I want to laugh at his face so badly.

The latest episode left me wanting more, so I am not writing this drama off into the No-try-zone. I’m definitely keeping tab till the very end, but it’s definitely not the best shows out there right now.

Status: Still going

Verdict: 😐

Lucky Romance

by Hwang Jung Eum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Chung Ah.

Oh wait, maybe I can drop Entertainer now that Lucky Romance has started. Hehe.

The show is off to a very good start (rating wise); it’s not always a good thing, as it puts pressure on the casts. However, from the drama and plot development’s point of view, I want it to get better. First episode is like a transition period whereby I still see shadows of Hwang Jung Eum as her past character, Kim Hae Jin (She Was Pretty) and Ryu Jun Yeol as Kim Jung Hwan (Answer Me 1988) lurking around. By episode 2, it’s safe to say they have gotten more into their new characters, and I’m no longer associating them with their past characters.

As many all know there is a huge difference to the character set-up in drama compared to the webtoon. I saw the beginning of the webtoon, and must say I am glad I did not continue. I believe I would have threw a fit with the change, like many avid fans did for Cheese in the Trap. Phew.

I trust Hwang Jung Eum completely with her comedic performance. Lee Soo Hyuk is still stiff with his line deliveries and acting. Lots of practice is required. As for Ryu Jun Yeol, so far he is nailing his role. I just love the dumb surprise look he puts on and his ‘What? You chose not to come to my company’ look. As of now, I am satisfied with the performances, and I look forward to more from both leads.

Status: Still going

Verdict: 👌👌👌

Descendants of the Sun

by Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo.

It’s written by Kim Eun Sook, so naturally the show did tremendously well nationwide and worldwide—as if it’s the law that any Kim Eun Sook’s dramas must be well-loved.

I beg to differ. I acknowledge that the visual quality is up the top somewhere compared to her older ones, but if we focus on her writing then it is still the same. As usual, she touches on the interesting topics, but she always toy around with them on the surface and never digs deeper.

At first all 4 leads are interesting and fun to watch, but as their relationships drag on, I grew quite tired watching Shi Jin and Mo Yeon flirt with each other, but having no progress in their relationship. I expected what they experience in Uruk will facilitate it, but then their attractions falls flat, entertainment-wise. There was very little tension between them, be it sensual or sexual. There was no implosion or explosion of emotions from them. Without the 4 leads’ charms, I really think this show is pretty MEH, plotwise.

I don’t want to spend too much time talking about this show now. It’s over, and I’m glad it’s over, too.

Status: Completed

Verdict: 😕

Another Oh Hae Young

by Eric Mun, Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Mee Kyung, Jeon Hye Bin, Ye Ji Won, Kim Ji Suk.

My favourite show at the moment. It had my full attention since I saw the first scene in episode 1. I absolutely love the show’s introduction of the OTP.

Oh Hae Young, now she is a character I can empathize with—her life experiences; her choices; her behavior; her frustrations. Hae Young, at times, are pathetic, she knows it herself too, but you can’t not love her for putting up the brave face and confront the world each day with the shits she has had to put up with since young.

Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Mee Kyung as her mother are definitely the heart of this show. Eric is great too, of course! But he does pale just a little if we really have to compare.

The show is well-balanced by comedy, romance and quirky characters. All I can say is E9 is so far the best—bursting with Feels, as the emotions and tension reach its highest peak for the OTP. Their kissing scene at the end was so powerful and hot simultaneosly. Although I think there are definitely more room for improvement, e.g. (1) Hae Young resists his kiss at first (say… a second) then gives in completely. (2) Have Eric end the kiss by sucking on her neck before he moves onto hugging her tightly, and then pushes her away. Aaarghhhh the excitement just from thinking of this playing out in my head. Ahem, yeah, that’d be my script for that steamy scene. 😀

With that said, the latest episode i.e. E10 falls short (with Feels), as it focuses more on Do Kyung’s past and the side characters. Hmphhh. Imma wants more Hae Young and Do Kyung moment!

Please do ride along with uri Hae Young if you haven’t watched it. Let her make you cry and laugh like a crazy person, because, it’s fun! 🙂

Status: Still going

Verdict: 😍😍😍

First impression of the above dramas are written at the time of watching; thus, does not represent the overall impression of the dramas, unless they have ended. Comments are made as of date of published: 1 June 2016.

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