First Peek! Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River


Seondal: The Man who sells the River tells the tale of two swindlers during the Joseon period. To be the famous swindler that is well-known to the nation, you would expect them to be gutsy and maybe possess a handsome / attractive appearance. That spells out our hero swindler Kim In Hong (also known as Kim Seon Dal). His partner in crime is mainly Bo Won, but they also have help from Yoon, a female buddisht. Together they tried to sell the river, and the catch is, they don’t even own the river. LOLLLL.

What? When did the boy film another Joseon movie? Oh never mind. I got that answer from AsianWiki. Basically Yoo Seung Ho did Joseon Magician first, then immediately work on this. Wicked, hot potato, this boy.

The movie stars many familiar faces. First of all, we have the hero played by Yoo Seung Ho (Joseon Magician, Remember). OMG doesn’t he look absolutely gorgeous in hanbok (above image)? Judging from the preview, his character is not only handsome and charming, but is also persuasive and bold.

And awww, how delightful to find out that Ra Mi Ran (Answer Me 1988) is in too. That makes the anticipation even higher because I just love her, and she will definitely add so much humour into the movie.

Go Chang Suk (The Con Artisit, Answer Me 1988) plays the hero’s sidekick who is no stranger to all Bo Gum’s fans. He is one of the Blossom Entertainment family that Bo Gum has mentioned numerous time.

The rest of the casts are:

Jo Jae Hyun (Punch) is Sung Dae Ryun. A powerful man the hero has to deceive. Good luck with that! I hated Jo Jae Hyun’s character in Punch. No doubt he will be playing the villain in this movie, judging from the movie stills.

EXO’s Xiumin plays Gyun, the guy that look up to the hero with admiration. Xiumin is from the idol boy band that I believe nobody will not know of. But he’s probably the least known ones if you’re not into KPOP and with no acting experience.

Yeon Woo Jin (Divorce Lawyer in Love) plays King Hyojong. Hahaha. This means the hero will pretend to be him, and deceive the whole palace of enunchs. If you don’t know him, Yeon Woo Jin recently made a guest appearance in tvN’s Another Oh Hae Young. The one that was set up by Eric’s best friend to woo Hae Young. He also played Park Hae Jin’s eldest brother in You Who Came From the Star.

Seo Ye Ji (Moorim School) is Gyu Yong, it is unclear what she will be playing based on the trailer since I don’t believe I see her in it. She is someone who gets to smooch Lee Hyun Woo recently. My impression of her is she is lanky, has very long hair and coarse voice, and very bad in acting.

Lastly, Jun Suk Ho (Misaeng) plays Lee Wan, a Joseon policeman-of-the-sort that tries to catch our hero. I’m sure no one will forget this actor as the manager who abuses Kang Sora in the beginning of Misaeng, but slowly warmed up to her in the end.

Teaser Trailer

I am glad this movie is a comedy; the trailer also seems more promising in comparison to Joseon Magician—which turns out to be a total disappointment. I am half anticipating to enjoy watching this movie purely from because it has Ra Mi Ran in it. She’s great and she’s a scene stealer. Watch out, Yoo Seung Ho. Oh wait, the movie is done, too late.

I know I should learn my lesson—so far 3 out of 4 of his projects have been 👎👎👎 for me. I should refrain from getting too excited about this. But… but… the preview looks fun, and I can’t resist him in hanbok and his pretty face.

Seondal: The Man who sells the River is slated to premiere on the big screen on July 6. I’m 99% sure uri Bo Gum will attend the VIP premiere to root for his sunbae  😀

Rest of the stills:

Source: Daum


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