Blossoming Brothers Park Bo Gum & Song Joong Ki Reveal themselves as Domino’s Pizza newest models


Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum, are you two ready to greet fat fans from now on? LOLOLOL. Of all endorsements, it had to be high calories food such as Domino’s Pizza. This post is a bit redundant to be honest since I have already blogged about them yesterday, but then yesterday I didn’t have cute photos for this post.


There were also two video teasers released, but I kept wondering if my speakers are broken because when I play the video, it has no sound. Is everybody else the same? I wouldn’t recommend wasting time or internet data watching those videos; they are just blurred out visuals of Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki. Pffft~

And then Domino’s Pizza tried to tease us with this horrendous ‘short’ GIF on loop. They really have to do better than this in order to excite the fans, because even I am not feeling anything, unlike the teasers from J.Estina.

UPDATE: 28 May

Now the below pictures are much better. LOLLL.

It really comes off dumb of them to try playing the ‘Guess who they are?’ guessing game. Like hellooo, do Domino’s Pizza seriously think we cannot tell these below pictures are Song Joong Ki? Or the blurred out videos are Park Bo Gum? Don’t they know the fans are all byeontae and hence, are all expert because they specialised in studying their biases’ anatomy?


… now we wait… for Domino’s Pizza to release official CFs.

Source: Domino’s blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Kakaostory


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