Behind the Scenes of SUNKIST Sparkling


It’s Park Bo Gum swooning time! Sunkist has just released new BTS pictures of Bo Gum filming the piano playing part. Those who has a fetish for hand and love his hands will definitely love these pictures.

Sadly Bo Gum’s hands do not appeal to me. It looks old and rough for his age, but it could also mean it’s manly. It can also mean there is a story behind that wrinkly rough hands. He helps out with house work at home, so he does all the laundry and dish washing? Or…he’s just being the typical boy that doesn’t bother putting on moisturiser when his hands are dry; thus, over the years it became how it looks now.

But… I definitely love and adore those teeth, and recently revealed by his dentist’s staff that he wore braces before—that explains the straight teeth, LOL. It is the norm these days, and it really does make a whole world of difference having a set of beautiful, straight teeth.



TVCF Making

Source: 썬키스트 | YouTube


One thought on “Behind the Scenes of SUNKIST Sparkling

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  1. I’m one of those who have a fetish of Bo Gum’s hands. I love the veins… and as you said, they look so manly.
    But I practically love the set. His sparkling eyes, his manly lips, his white teeth, his adam’s apple.. gosh, I’d better stop.
    It’s funny how he looked so great waist up…….. but blanket-bundled waist down. 🙂


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