Blossoming Brothers Park Bo Gum & Song Joong Ki Endorses Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza. Oohh yum.

Song Joong Ki. Yum.

Park Bo Gum. Yummo.

Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki. Double Yummy!!!

Now where’s the CF video?

Okay. I have a confession to make. The true intention of this post isn’t about Domino’s Pizza endorsement at all. It is the fact that uri Bo Gum is finally (I think) gone back to wearing black hair!


— The End —

Source: TopStarNews 1 | 2

P.S. @t13ndoank — try Another Oh Hae Young.


2 thoughts on “Blossoming Brothers Park Bo Gum & Song Joong Ki Endorses Domino’s Pizza

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  1. Waae?? why with Bo Gum’s colored hair?hehhe… I think as long as he goesn’t go blonde then I’m okay with it. Hmm.. for me I’m maybe way more concerned with the parted hair. He (or maybe his stylist) seems to like it a lot. I miss your 90s Taeki’s hair, Bo Gum-ah.. hics hics..

    Oh Hae Yong.. is it really good? It makes me realise that after Marriage Contract I haven’t seen any drama lately. Hmm.. maybe the k-addict in me is currently on hiatus..hihihi..


  2. OOh… forgot to comment about the CF.

    Mr, Bo Gum-ssi,
    Isn’t your smile a bit too wide?
    Aren’t your eyes a little bit tooo shining?
    Aren’t you a little bit too happy there? compared to Joong Ki HYung?
    Wae? Because you can finally eat as much pizza as you can while filming? You sure you don’t make unnecessary NGs there? Just so you can get another bite?


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