Squad 38 Releases New Posters


I really don’t want to blog a new post—because I ❤ being greeted by the beautiful fan art of Joseon Park Bo Gum whenever I come onto the blog. I contemplated making that post stick to the top page all the time (until I get sick of it), but I shouldn’t, and I think it is time the dongsaeng make way for his hyung, Seo In Guk and new OCN drama, Squad 38.


I will be honest; I am 80% worried for Seo In Guk that this show will not hit the jackpot. However, this is based on the fact that I have yet to come across a drama aired on OCN that I like or love. It’s each to their own, but I do believe the general consensus will agree that OCN hasn’t been absolutely great in producing good shows.

I am currently watching Vampire Detectives, and I thought the premise seems interesting enough, it can still be, but then I am disappointed by it in every single episode. The plot moves at snail pace—is it because it is only an episode per week?—I don’t think so. It’s a bit dull right now, but luckily my curiosity about San’s backstory is still strong, and the show isn’t being melo or heavy (like Goodbye Mr. Black), so I can still carry on watching it for entertainment’s sake.


Therefore, I am really crossing both toes and fingers real hard that Squad 38 will not fail and disappoint. Please be as good as I Remember You. I love seeing cheeky In Guk already in the teasers… so jaebal, show… be good. Praying hard.

For more teasers, go to First Peek! Squad 38 by Seo In Guk & Ma Dong Suk.


Squad 38 will air June 18.

Source: OCN blog


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