Park Bo Gum 💎 J.ESTINA

Update: Added new video featuring sexy Bo Gum.

Mama Mia. Gorgeous. Simply irresistibly gorgeous. Feeling a bit giddy right now seeing the newly released poster from J.Estina, although I think the effect would double if he has his fringe up. Now. Is this the only poster to be released? Surely there are more? I also hear that the video will finally be released soon. Cannot wait.

Looks like uri cutie pie Bogummy also endorses J.Estina perfume. Whatever, so random, but I ain’t that easily lure into PPL, so they can sell whatever they want.

Teaser #1

*NEW* Teaser #2

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One thought on “Park Bo Gum 💎 J.ESTINA

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  1. With so many occasions of Bogummy styled with his fringe down, are we somehow in the minority who wanted his face to be fringe-less? Do Koreans actually see him more handsome that way? Or does uri cutie pie have a lot of acne to be covered? birth mark? or scars? maybe like Harry Potter?


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