First Peek! Squad 38 by Seo In Guk & Ma Dong Suk


Since little dongsaeng’s drama won’t air until some time August, at least I can look forward to his hyung’s, Seo In Guk (I Remember You), upcoming OCN drama, 38 Task Force (or Squad 38). Instead of playing a criminologist, this time, he is a criminal. What a twist of fate 😛

Can Bo Gum cameo as a police who captures and throws In Guk into prison? The twist would be humourous. 😀 It will be fun! I love my I Remember You brothers too much, even after a year+, I still find myself thinking of them.

Back to this drama…

It is directed and written by Kim Jung Min and Han Jung Hoon, who were both previously responsible of the crime drama — Bad Guys. I have seen Bad Guys, it’s… all right. I expected more from Park Hae Jin’s character, but he did not have much to do in it; and the built-up mystery that was revealed in the end was MEH. 😕

Hopefully with less actor in this show, uri In Guk does not get shoved over for someone else’s screen time. I doubt he would be, since his character is recruited by Ma Dong Suk, and they are only two main leads in the show, and Sooyoung as the female lead.

For the rest of the casts, see above picture 🔝 There are many familiar faces actually.

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Teaser #3

Teaser #4

The point of this teaser is none other than gawking at Seo In Guk’s sexy lips and adam’s apple… do you agree?

Teaser #5

Behind the Scenes: Script Reading

All 5 teasers show us nothing, not unless we understand Korean, that is. And this last video is posted simply because I adore & ❤ seeing In Guk in suit. The hair is awesome too. Reminds me very much of Lee Hyun. XD

Gaaaahhhh, I miss them brothers. 😭😭😭

Squad 38 airs June 18 on OCN.

Source: OCN YouTube | OCN Facebook | OCN Blog


2 thoughts on “First Peek! Squad 38 by Seo In Guk & Ma Dong Suk

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  1. SIG as a criminal? Damn! With his smirks and brilliant brain he can plan a perfect escape. Anyway, I still miss him and Bogum as brothers….

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