Elle Taiwan Releases Short Teaser Clip of Park Bo Gum


Update: Added Mickey Huang’s comments about Bo Gum 3 days later after the FM.

ELLE Taiwan seriously knows how to tease the fans. Instead of releasing the full interview with video and pretty pictures, they decided to be a pot stirrer by releasing a 1 minute+ preview clip of uri Park Bo Gum late at night. So.Damn.Naughty.

… and obviously, we all take the bait! Sighhhhh~~

But honestly, how can we not? It was new to what we have been seeing lately. This clip consists of short glimpses of him getting ready and posing for the camera. He is also seen very comfortable during the interview—which is good—this means if the reporter knows what to ask, then we will get some new and interesting article to read, soon. I do hope the reporter ask new questions, I mean new not stupid questions, because I am getting quite bored of all repetitive questions released in media lately.


Annyeonghaseyo to all Elle’s readers. I am Park Bo Gum.

大家好,我是朴寶劍。 見到你很高興。請多多指教*。Da jia hao, wo shi Pu Bao Jian. Jian dao ni hen gao xing. Qing duo duo zhi jiao*. Hello everyone, I am Park Bo Gum. It’s nice to see you.

*’Qing duo duo zhi jiao’ is equivalent to Japanese’s どうぞよろしく (douzoyoroshiku), but it can’t really be translated to English.

It is my first time holding a fan meeting in Taiwan, so to me, every moment leaves a lasting impression. You can also say it is a hard to forget and memorable time.

The fans made a video for me using clips from my first debut project to now (Answer Me 1988); they also prepared banners and text cards as a surprise saying, ‘I  ❤ you, Bo Gum-ah’. They have also sang ‘Xiao Xing Yun’ (A Little Happiness) for me; all these made me feel really really touched.

Quick Question & Answer!

Q1: What type of appraisal makes you the happiest?
A: You act very well!

Q2: Do you like cat or dog?
A: Dog (he doesn’t sound so sure here…)

Q3: The role you want to challenge the most?
A: I want to try out all. LOL, Greedy boy. I am thankful this time I can play a crown prince, and I will try my best to do well.

Q4: What’s your wish for 23th birthday?
A: Travel with my family.

Q5: What do you want to say to your Taiwanese fans?
A: (Very gentle and softly) I love you all. Thank you. Sincerely thankful.
(我愛你們。 謝謝。 真心感謝。Wo ai ni men. Xie xie. Zhen xing gan xie.)

Note: Even though the subtitle says ‘gan xie gan xie’, but actually he said sincerely thankful/thank you, sincerely.

It’s a smart move that Blossom Entertainment chose Taiwan as Bo Gum’s first overseas FM, and also a bless that Bo Gum gets to work with Mickey Huang Zi Jiao for this first time. I don’t know how the process takes place behind the scenes, and how Mickey agree to do it, but it really really made a huge difference who the emcee is, and of course, we cannot forget the interpreter.

Taiwan fans had it really good in this FM; all I hear/read are praises, which is really hard to come by. The organiser, Joytime, did a fantastic job in everything, and securing Mickey as emcee and Ms. Lee as the interpreter. Other than this, the fans did themselves proud presenting such a heart-felt gift for him. Even I was touched (and cried). He sure is blessed to have such memorable, lovely and well-organised FM as his first overseas FM.

The fan-made video for Bo Gum at the FM

If it wasn’t held in Taiwan and because of Joytime, Mickey Huang and Ms. Lee, I seriously think a lot could go wrong, especially if it is in China. I have seen emcee that has zero interest in the stars, wearing inappropriate clothes looking like she wants to jump on him, or interpreters doing a horrendous job. Therefore, all in all, God is looking out for this boy, jjinja. And what’s funny is, this boy’s kamsahada’s habit must be quite infectious because even Joytime wrote a super long thank you note on their Facebook page. 😆

Mickey praises Bo Gum whilst waiting for Lin Zhi Ling

Er…translations not available, LOL. It’s too brain damaging to challenge this one, but I am sure there are many who will.  🙂


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  1. Love this post and reading about the successful Taiwan FM. Hoping if there’s any other places who wants to have Bogum’s FM , they should learn from here. Thank you for the translation. Our Bogum deserve the best.

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