Good Partner: Muteki no Bengoshi


Good Partner: Muteki no Bengoshi (グッドパートナー: 無敵の弁護) is the new Japanese drama I decided to try out recently. The drama stars Takenouchi Yutaka (Suteki Na Sen Taxi) and Matsuyuki Yasuko (5-nin no Junko). The characters played by Yutaka and Yasuko are rather complicated because of their relationship. They are not only colleagues in the same law firm, but they are also rival, and ex-husband and wife. Yeaps, that’s right—they were once married.

Only 2 episodes have aired at the moment, it was not as I expected to be though—and by this I meant I thought I would be seeing Sakisaka Kento (Takenouchi Yutaka) going head-to-head against his ex-wife Natsume Yoshie (Matsuyuki Yasuko) in the court room in every single episode. Instead, they actually work in the same business law firm and occasionally, they still work together against a case to help their client. I do think this set-up works out better, because it would become redundant if they were to keep fighting for 10 whole episodes.

They do tend to fire petty comments at each other, but then their hearts for what’s best for the client is the same. The reason for their divorce is not yet known, but it can be assumed that they are both strong-minded individuals, and it got to a point that they want different things for and from one another. Their relationship does not seem to be a lost cause for me, so I fully expect them to reconcile by the end of the show.

Kaku Kento plays Atami Yusuke, Sakisaka’s assistant lawyer. He is a newbie, and wants to gain experience. His interactions with Sakisaka is quite funny at the moment since he is completely clueless of Sakisaka’s ability, and he keeps doubting his boss’ choice of actions, LOL. Well, that includes me—clueless as to how smart Sakisaka is, and whether or not he knows what he’s doing. However, the owner of the firm seems to have 100% faith and trust in his ability, and Sakisaka is the firm’s top lawyer and highest profit achiever. What’s curious is judging by the hint we get from episode 1, he was a househusband and Natsume is the breadwinner.

Honestly, it feels weird seeing Yutaka went from an actor who does melo and romance to comedy. I suppose it shows his versatility, but at times, I am still not used to seeing him using that serious, handsome face of his being cheeky and humorous.



Episode 1 started out strong, so I really enjoy it and by near end I was cheering for Sakisaka Kento’s smart move. It was about copyright infringement, where a small design agency is sued by the big company that hired them to design a mascot. By right, it is the small design agency’s because even though the mascot design is not chosen, the big company owns the copyright, but then the big company was being a big bully. In truth, they didn’t care about the copyright infringement. They just simply wanted to sue (okay, more of just this one stupid manager in the company). He thinks he’s doing the company a favour and upholding the company’s image and pride. Pffft. Must say the actor did a really good job, making me hate him very easily, and wanting to scratch his face each time he comes on-screen, LOL.

The reason of liking this episode is seeing Sakisaka turning the table around. It was a case where there is no way they will win, but then his wit got him through it when all his colleagues doubted him. It was smart, using small tactics and it didn’t seem it will work at times, so we see him waver too. I still find myself biting my nails for them even though I know they will win the case, because J-drama is just predictable this way.

However, It is the process of how the story is presented that I enjoy watching. I like that these small tactics seem so trivial and made no real impact in the beginning; blinding the opponent and boost their prides, and they are completely unaware that their big fat dinosaur feet had been chewed away slowly by a little mouse. But once they eventually notice the pain, it was too late to do anything about it. Heh. In the end, the client did not have to pay a single cent to the asshole company. So awesome. So satisfying.

Episode 2 is just as good and this fact makes me happy. 🙂 I hope it will stay this interesting until the very end. The casts of this drama are all unique to their own, and can be used as character that brings out a new story per episode. It would be a waste if the screenwriter do not make good use of them. I am beginning to understand what type of character Sakisaka Kento is, too. And I love it. He is a hunter dog—the type that bites onto his enemy and never let go, and does not give up until he finds the enemy’s weakness and get his job done. I also like the humour in the show makes fun of his good looks, making it seems like people form a prejudice against him because of his good looks, and have cameo characters or his own wife attack him—saying things like his success comes from his good looks etc., and his actions taken in each case go against this good looks, LOL.

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