EDWIN Summer Collection 2016 with Park Bo Gum — Part 3


OMG Edwin. This is not the end of it yet, isn’t it? But, even if I want to buy it, I can’t! 😥 Whilst everyone is busy with Park Bo Gum attending the opening of Mont Bell, Edwin decides to release another set of bombshell on us. More is good, right?


I really like this combination. The cap, the tee shirt, the jeans and even the shoes. Anyone care to send me a set for free?

Hmmm… I wonder if Bo Gum plays Tsum Tsum since he’s holding one and posing with all of the Tsum Tsum dolls.

I like the design of this grey tee shirt and the jeans. I like the jeans much more than the one above. But then again, it could be available to boys, but not girls. It usually is the case when I go shopping. Seeing something I like from the boys side, and then none available for the girls. *sulk*

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One thought on “EDWIN Summer Collection 2016 with Park Bo Gum — Part 3

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  1. Well.. since my body is big (and growing), I usually shop for Men’s jeans since the available female jeans (the fitted jeans) are not my cup of tea. I prefer boot cut but they’re rare in the stores here.
    Back to Bogummy, what I found much more mesmerising than the fashions is his smiles (both the eye and the lips). He gives this feeling like he’s the happiest at the moment. I’m sure the choreographer had the easiest work to do when he had to film this. He might just sit and help himself with cookie and ice cream while Bogummy was flashing his smile here and there. Which makes me wondering, has Bogummy ever been caught posing awkward/No good??
    Does he still look good when he yawns?


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