Park Bo Gum Displays His Playful Side in The Star


Update: added more B cuts from The Star

If anyone wonder why it took me so long to update The Star and spazz about Park Bo Gum (not that anyone will, but humour me), the picture above is the reason. The moment I saw it, I wanted to remove the watermarks for a clearer view of those meaty biceps, and once I did it, I had the cheekiest idea ever I must execute. The result: doesn’t that tattoo looks fan-ta-bu-lous? HAHAHAHAHA! Having said that, I hope I will never see any real tattooes on him, ever.

Okay, let’s be serious now and talk about the first thing I zero-ed in when I saw the above picture—those biceps. Bo Gum looks slender when he is all covered up, even though he is not skinny, but he’s slim and we know he is not buffed like his hyung, Seo In Guk. Therefore, I was quite surprised when I first noticed he has muscular arms in Youth Over Flowers in Africa. I am assuming he gained those biceps from ballet since he said so himself he does not go to gym, heh. He looks good with it; he should show it more for the benefit of ‘…’, and consider toning it up. 😀


Loooovvveee the making. It’s as if the theme is ‘sunlight’ Bo Gum shining onto those plants, giving them life. ❤


I like that the magazine is emphasizing on how bright and sunny he is. If ELLE Korea’s theme is to portray Bo Gum as the new age modern male in neutral fashion, then The Star is showing us a energetic, carefree, youthful and playful Bo Gum.

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  1. Actually I was expected he is fit/has nice body kind of guy when I watched IRY episode 8 where there are scenes of him in blue shirt(I’m not sure it’s a shirt or what. Sorry…) Especially in the scene Hyun confronted him about “coincidence” meet Cha jian. I can see those chest muscles. Heee….


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