Let’s Fight Ghost lands Kim So Hyun & Courts Taecyeon

Bring it on, ghost


Why, Kim So Hyun?

Why would you pass out on Bo Gum and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds over Taecyeon?

Okay fine, she probably did not know Taecyeon is offered to romance her in upcoming tvN’s drama Let’s Fight Ghost. But it is still disappointing to find out that she was searching for new project, and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds did not land on her lap, or it did but she rejected the offer. *Big sigh*

Ghost themed dramas must be the trend in Kdrama land lately, or at least for tvN, since this marks the second ghost-related drama produced by tvN—previously there was Oh My Ghost. It also seems to be a trend to make webtoons into live action dramas. Let’s Fight Ghost is an adaptation of a 2007 webtoon of the same name. The genre is mixture of horror, romance, comedy and drama.

I kind of get why Kim So Hyun agree to do this drama. She will be playing a ghost—now that’s something refreshingly new and very different as oppose to playing the typical poor female lead that gets herself entangled in love triangle with the Crown Prince in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

In addition, So Hyun gets to be the centre of attention in this drama, and it will focus on her even more if her co-star is, well, less than average with his acting skills. I like Taecyeon because what’s not to like about him? However, so far I haven’t seen improvement in his acting, which is why I am reluctant to see this pairing. So Hyun’s acting would outshine him sooo much, and it will not make him look good. 😦

Let’s Fight Ghost’s script will be written by Kim Ji Sun (The Producers) and directed by Park Jun Hwa (Let’s Eat), and Kim So Hyun plays Kim Hyun Ji, a 19 years old teenager who knows nothing but study. She then suddenly died in an accident. She lingers around for few years and meets Park Bong Pal, a 17 years old boy who can see ghosts. Even though she becomes a ghost, she is extremely curious and enthuasiatic about helping others—she is said to be a really cute character. She and Bong Pal eventually work together and help other ghosts cross over.

Ah question. They are going to fall in love, right? But she’s a ghost, so how are we going to have a satisfying ending for both leads? I guess we will have to prepare ourselves for an ending of both leads going their separate ways, huh?

Let’s Fight Ghost is set to follow Oh Hae Young Again on Mondays and Tuesdays in July.


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