Park Bo Gum Rocking the Lace in Harper’s Bazaar


Harper’s Bazaar China decides to release all pictures featured in the magazine in HQ, so this mark the 3rd time I updated this post. I shall not complain since there aren’t good quality scans available, and it’s awesome that originals are available from the magazine itself. No other magazines that I know of would do that. Go and grab a copy of Park Bo Gum in May issue of Harper’s Bazaar China if you like these pictures.


What is that you’re wearing, Bo Gum-ah? 😂😂😂 If we zoom up the above picture big enough, I can actually see his chest skin through those lacey holes. 😂😂😂

I should probably be swooning, but I just can’t once I realise what he has on him, LOLOLOL. The fashion sense for this photoshoot is a bit worrisome too. Sigh. Is there no normal ones for this boy this year?


CgodpUjVEAA1uei.jpg largeCgodpUmVEAArny6.jpg large

The video looks better than the pictures, Bo Gum + the kitten = Kyeopta. He looks really good in red with the kitten, but not sure how it will turn out in still images. The so-called interview didn’t dig out anything new or interesting apart from when Bo Gum was asked apart from acting, what does he like, and he first answered, “I like to eat.” — LOLLLLLLLLLL.

Cgoe00MU4AAf0_D.jpg largeCgoe00MU8AA1ooB.jpg largeCgoe00OUYAEQmR1.jpg largeCgoe02_UUAAcAL5.jpg large

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Weibo


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