TNGT Summer Collection 2016: Park Bo Gum the Youthful Gentleman


Park Bo Gum needs to slow down. I am having difficulty catching up with my spazzing / swooning at the rate these videos and pictures get spat out each day in a week! And tomorrow is Friday again, D-day where we would get a flooding income of him when he goes to work at KBS Music Bank.

*Panting like Jae Hong hyung*—trying to keep up.

Now who was saying she was feeling depressed the other day, for not having a regular dose of Bo Gum until August? I disagree. I think I’m overdose today from all these updates. No time at all to rest my fingers, and regain the energy lost from all those spazzing, saving and drooling. I am now dehydrated… someone send me a box of Sunkist. Kamsaaada.

… since I am experiencing difficulties currently in an attempt to catch up with my drama watching, I guess I can spare some time spazzing over uri Bo Gum and how absolutely gorgeous he looks in suit!


I would say the above 3 are my top favourite, A+ for the right hairstyle and overall look.


As for this, I like the suit, but the hair lose some points. It may be the same style as my featured image, but upclose, it doesn’t appeal as much; afar it does. LOL.


These are for work as well, but a lot more casual and comfortable. It is suitable for real office work where we don’t need to meet any VIPs or clients. I like the clothes, but the hairstyle is meh.


Peek-a-boo! Now I see you…


Now I don’t…

Lastly… my ULTIMATE favourite…

Source: TNGT | Pikicast


One thought on “TNGT Summer Collection 2016: Park Bo Gum the Youthful Gentleman

Add yours

  1. I..saw….a..tongue?? a pinkish tongue??

    Bo Gum-aaah… you shouldn’t torture this noona’s heart…..

    If there’s a guarantee that if I buy the bag then I will get the bag boy for free, then I’ll slave myself away to earn money to get that bag.
    I agree with your pick. The bang-free forehead & haircut seems the best.

    BTW girl, this overdose ain’t gonna stop soon. .. coz tpics and vids from Taiwan Fan Meeting are already flooding Youtube and Twitter. Poor fingers. Sorry I abused you today.


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