First Peek! Bounty Hunters

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After…god knows how long of waiting…we finally get a sneak peek of the Korean-Chinese collaborated movie, Bounty Hunters, starring Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung and Tang Yang. The movie has long been completed, but took forever to hit the big screen. And now finally, we not only have some insights of the teaser trailer, but also some official movie images.


The trailer looks good, although it doesn’t tell us much of the storyline. I would put my expectation of the story to the lowest, since I have lost confident and hope in Chinese scripts eons years ago. However, from an entertainment point of view—it looks like it will be action packed with plenty comedy relief.

The Bounty Hunters consist of 5 individuals becoming bounty hunters in the foreign land of the US.

Tang Yang plays the team leader, Cat—a femme fatale packed with charm, but icy and difficult to approach.

Lee Min Ho sure is kicking some ass in there, and doing some great action scenes, something I really look forward to because his fighting scenes were awesome in City Hunter. He plays Lee Shan, a character great with martial arts/fighting skills. He is also sly and cute; a guy who is extremely charming and possessed very high IQ.

Wallace Chung plays Ah Yo, the team’s brain and planner, and is formerly an Interpol. From the trailer, I can see that Wallace will be responsible of the comedy part of the movie, and his character is supposed to be humourous, love to eat, quick-minded and very good in earning money.

Karena Ng plays Swan—a genius and the hacker in the team. She is also responsible for the team’s weapons development. In other words, she is the male version Q from James Bond.

The last member of the team is Bao Bao, played by Louis Fan. I detest the name because Bao Bao means baby. But anywayyyy, he plays the team’s housekeeper. Okkkaaaaayyyy.

Jeremy Jones plays the bounty hunters’ ultimate enemy, Tommy. He is temperamental and filthy rich. In the name of ‘gambler’, he challenges the bounty hunters to mind-challenging chase. He will try to reach his goal at any cost.

Hmm… sounds like we will be looking at a mashed up of City Hunter + James Bond + The Veteran, LOLLLL.

You know what? I tell myself not to expect, but I still am wishing the script will be good, because Lee Min Ho has been off the screen for too damn long that any project he takes on, I just can’t help but raise that expectation, wishing all the projects he does has depth and be meaningful—that the character and movies are meaty enough to justify his long disappearance from our sights.

Bounty Hunters will hit the screen June 9. Still a loooooonggg time to go!


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