Park Bo Gum in ELLE Korea B Cut


Waaaaaah. Waaaaah. Waaaaaa~ I like this so much better than the originally published version! Elle Korea must have heard my rant about Park Bo Gum being a colourful human being and why would they want to take out colours from him in previous post. :p Hence we get all these coloured B cuts. Even if they didn’t see my rant, I am super duper happy they release these. Yay.

So purrrrtyyyy. ❤ If only…


The content of this article is Q&A from fans. It brought out some interesting bits about Bo Gum. 🙂

Tidbit#1: Like Taekie, he can’t really eat not fully cooked food. Oh no! Steak is best when it’s medium rare to rare. We seriously need to work on this, Bogummy.


Tidbit #2: He has been helping out with housework since really young; his favourite housework is washing dishes, and dislike throwing out rubbish/food waste. Er, are you in your right mind? Throwing out rubbish is so much easier! Is this why your hands look and feel so rough?


Tidbit #3: Looks like uri Bo Gum is anal when it comes to spelling Korean correctly. Fan pointed out that he has accurately written ‘바라’ as ‘바래’, which not many people know. He answered he does like language very much, and had wanted to be a language teacher. He also admits he doesn’t like to write it wrong, and will do a search if he doesn’t know how to write the word. LOL, this fussy behaviour has proof. He deleted a tweet not so long ago because he forgets to add a punctuation or something.


Tidbit #4: Omo, he is an uncle already?! He has a nephew, and the popular kid song to sing for little nephew is not Bororo, but a KBS animation named Turning Mecard. = =” Okay. Googling Turning Mecard now. OMG, this is so kiddy, LOLOLOL. 


Tidbit #5: He will consider buying a car if taking the subway causes inconveniences to other passengers. Sounds to me he thinks a lot about the extra expenses in owning a car, and will only get one if there is really a need to. LOL, but it is so much more convenient! Looks like he hasn’t recovered from the financial difficulty he once had, or maybe he is still paying off the debt, or he needs to save up all over again. I feel ya, I hate seeing money goes down in my bank account.


if only these are bigger in size!

Both Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol have their magazine photos released today for their new drama promotion; it would have been a bit lonely if Elle hadn’t released these B cut version. 😀

Source: ELLE Korea


One thought on “Park Bo Gum in ELLE Korea B Cut

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  1. Confirmed.

    Park Bo Gum is definitely an angel. He’s waaay tooo nice and tooooo considerate to be human. Hahahha..
    But seriously, I was in awe when I read that ” He will consider buying a car if taking the subway causes inconveniences to other passengers”. he puts other people’s convenience as priority.


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