InStyle Entertains Us with Ji Sung & Hyeri

Next up we have Ji Sung and Hyeri in May issue of InStyle. Ji Sung hasn’t done anything since Kill Me Heal Me, which I take as being super busy taking care of his newborn baby. Many fans expressed pity that he didn’t win awards that he deserves for the drama; let’s see if he will this year with Entertainer.

Hmm. It must be a trend now to gather upcoming drama couples for a photoshoot. I have noticed this since She Was Pretty. It’s definitely not a complain because it will help promote the drama better when it airs. I just hope they continue to do it so in July, I’ll see Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung too, heh, and every other biases on my list. The more the merrier, I say.

I am guilty. I spend sooo much time spazzing about Hyeri’s and Ji Sung’s co-stars, and nothing about them at all. I really can’t help it though, since Entertainer isn’t as appealing on paper. It was receiving some negative feedbacks when it was first reported to be in the make, and that several people have turned it down etc. I also notice Ji Sung seems to like jumping onto a drama very close to air date; maybe he performs better when under pressure (?). It really did not feel that long ago Entertainer was still having casting calls.

The casts of Entertainer had a press conference today, and the drama will officially air tomorrow night, April 20. I might check it out…

Source: InStyle


One thought on “InStyle Entertains Us with Ji Sung & Hyeri

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  1. Hyeri’s body ……Jelly to the max… hics..hics

    Now that Ji Sung is teamed with Hyeri against Hwang Jung Eum & Ryu Jun Yeolie, I wanna see who will be the rating winner.


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