Hwang Jung Eum & Ryu Jun Yeol Romancing in Marie Claire


Dear Marie Claire,

These pictures are beautiful. Thank you. Now can we have more? 😀 Judging from the below BTS pictures, there are definitely more featured in the magazines; looking forward to see scans from fans.



Hwang Jung Eum was fantabulous in She Was Pretty; no doubt she will bring us more laughters in the upcoming drama Lucky Romance. Must say I am glad her next project is also a rom-com. *Breathe a sigh of relief*

https://i2.wp.com/i.imgsafe.org/2bd4e77.jpg https://i1.wp.com/i.imgsafe.org/26e15e4.jpg

This is Ryu Jun Yeol‘s first drama as male lead after the success of Answer Me 1988, so it equally raises a lot of attention and expectation. I just hope it will all go smoothly, and I’ll have a crack drama to addict to soon. Hey, at least this time it’s for certain that he gets the girl. 🙂


More BTS pictures of Marie Claire from C.JES naver blog can be found. In addition, I’ll also throw in Korean fan-made edits I stumbled upon, especially the vampiric Jun Yeol. Niceeee. See next page


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