Walking Down Memory Lane: Park Bo Gum’s Drama FMVs


With no addictive dramas currently occupying my heart and time, I have spare time to look at other Park Bo Gum related things that I don’t usually stop to look. Thanks to extra time on hand (aka. boredom), I chance upon 3 fan-made videos I am quite fond of. It’s worth a look because 2 out of the 3 made me want to go back and watch Naeil’s Cantabile and I Remember You, except I prefer to watch cut versions this time round—but I don’t have copies.  😥

First video features Lee Yoon Hoo and Jung Sun Ho/Min, using Kill Me Heal Me OST. What I love about this video is the usage of emotional scenes from Naeil’s Cantabile and I Remember You. The video displays Bo Gum’s emoting capability—I can see the layers beneath those expressions. It shows us glaring contrast of Lee Yoon Hoo’s bright and sunny smiles against Jung Sun Hoo’s dark, evil smiles. It also shows the difference of pain, suffering and loneliness both Yoo Hoo and Sun Ho experience. I find it really captivating. The video maker did a good job picking these scenes too, because boy, I feel the emotions—I feel the Feels.

Naeil’s Cantabile vs I Remember You

Original source: 清眸含鹿

Next is definitely a personal fav—it’s none other but uri Taekie! If the first video makes you feel the Feels and feeling sad for the characters, then this video will bring you smile. I find myself smiling widely and feeling happy after watching it. Ahhh~ Taekie, so adorable; so cute. Lee Yoon Hoo’s smiles are gorgeous, but Taekie’s innocent smiles are the best. Again, this video displays the different faces of Bo Gum.

Ssangmun-dong Treasure — Taekie!!! ❤

Original source: 锅巴和胃

The last video’s BGM is rather funny—the lyrics is about the middle parted hair, LOL, so we see a lot of Park Bo Gum as Jung Sun Ho/Min. This is a video must be watched knowing the content of the lyrics, so I’d recommend looking up the English version. Unfortunately, I don’t know the song name or artist.

Middle Parting

Original source: 锅巴和胃

I don’t usually watch FMVs because I am fussy and picky with the scenes and music used, and the overall quality of the MVs. The videos have to be able to speak to me or captivate in the beginning—and hence, I think the first two are really good, and deserve to be shared and mentioned. Fans can be so talented. Well done.


3 thoughts on “Walking Down Memory Lane: Park Bo Gum’s Drama FMVs

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  1. thank for sharing 😀
    for the last FMV, the BGM is Hair part by Akdong Musician, everyone can search the Engsub in Youtube, very cute song 🙂


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