First Peek! Lucky Romance Teaser


Oh yay! We have visual for the upcoming MBC drama, Lucky Romance, starring Ryu Jun Yeol (Answer Me 1988) and Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty). The general feel to the drama seems light and cute; I think I will really like it.

First Official Teaser

Lucky Romance is about a woman named Sim Bo Nui, plays by Hwang Jung Eum, believing in fortune telling, and that if she does not sleep with a male virgin born in the year of tiger, i.e. 1986, she will die. I know, it sounds far-fetch, but I swear people do believe in such nonsense.

She begs her ex-boyfriend to help, but he laughed at her face and insulted her. Je Soo Ho, plays by Ryu Jun Yeol, becomes the owner of the studio building she resides, and tries to kick her out since she can’t pay rent. She learns that Soo Ho matches the criteria of tiger-born, and begins to pursue him. I say she is in for a challenge since his first impression of her isn’t good—because she couldn’t pay rent—and he is stingy and cheap, which made it worse. He also does not believe in sex before marriage. LOL, tell me where I can find such men these days.

Lucky Romance also stars Lee Soo Hyuk (Scholars Who Walks the Night), Lee Chung Ah (Vampire Detective), Kang Sang Ho (Babysitter), and Lee Cho Hee (Six Flying Dragons). The drama will begin airing on May 25.

I am always thankful when other fans take the time to make/photoshop pictures and share on the web. It really makes the life of this lazy bum easier. Here’s a Ryu Jun Yeol phone wallpaper thrown in the mix: link. Now that these photos are glaringly right in front of me, I kind of wish the stylist would do something about Jun Yeol’s mop hair. Does he have to wear this style in the show?

Thankfully this drama will start in about 1.5 weeks because it has been quite a dry period for me since Answer Me 1988 and Signal.


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