Park Bo Gum’s Unnie’s Slam Dunk Surprise Appearance


Funny how Park Bo Gum keeps appearing in variety shows without invitations and had no intentions whatsoever to appear on it, LOL. It just so happens that all these Noonas adore him (or Taekie) that they all want a piece of him. Pwahahahaha~

Following his super short appearance in Running Man, summoned by Song Ji Hyo to complete her mission, this time round, model actress Hong Jin Kyung requested her co-hostess of the new variety show Unnie’s Slam Dunk—Future Dreams, Ra Min Ran, to call Bo Gum and ask if they could visit him inside KBS building where he was to film Music Bank.

2016.04.08 Part 1

His voice is so sweet when he answered Ra Min Ran’s phone call. However, can someone tell me what did Mi Ran calls Bo Gum? I can’t make it out. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out how the meeting went, but it was more than enough to see / hear his voice for now.

I can wait another week to find out, and look forward to see the reunion of cheetah Omma and Taekie.

2016.04.15 Part 2

Alternative Source: Raw video

LOLLLL 7 mins of appearance, he eats non-stop for 5 mins. It’s hilarious seeing all these noonas getting all excited when they hear ‘Park Bo Gum’. Kim Jin Kyung can barely contain her excitement, although I question if she’s doing it more for the show. Min Hyo Rin obviously is fond of Bo Gum too, but it looks to me she was quietly doing a lot of internal squeeeeeeing. The rest of the noonas are just… LOL. Cheetah Omma Ra Mi Ran is the calmest, which I take it as she is perhaps immune to Bo Gum. She would have been less ‘wow’ since she gets to work with him for months, and see the sides of him that we all don’t see—thus, I concluded that she’s already seen enough not be zapped by Bo Gum’s charm.

The important information to take away after watching this clip is that Bo Gum currently has no girlfriend. So he says, that is. Hehe.

Park Bo Gum’s OS: I am gonna eat. You’ve brought food for me, so I’m gonna be polite and eat. I love food. Can’t live without it. I’ll just eat whilst you girls fawn over me. Don’t mind me…eating.

Source: Hong Jin Kyung’s IG | InsectX1225


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  1. Lol I’m totally the 2 other unnies spazzing over hearing Bogummy’s voice on the phone. How cute is his voice when he answered Mi-ran? This is why noonas love this guy, so sweet!

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