Edwin Summer Collection 2016 with Park Bo Gum


Soooo cute, but what’s happening? It’s not Friday yet, and good stuff is already pouring out on the net from Edwin? I thought the collaboration with Marvel will only begin in May, but I am already seeing Bo Gum wearing Marvel tee-shirt in these newly released Summer Collection casual wear.

This makes me fear what is in stall for Friday. I fear I am going to lose my fingers soon from collecting all pictures from Park Bo Gum‘s recent activities, and they are still being shared by fans.



I am beginning to have an issue with this middle parting hairstyle now. I usually am okay with middle parting, but I really think this is colour + middle parting + curls just do not gel with me. 완전히 내 스타일이 아니야 (wanjeonhi nae seutail-i aniya). I think it’s time to get rid of it, unless he is planning to grow his hair out in order to show me a sageuk mane of glory for his upcoming drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

I really doubt it though, a lot of actors didn’t have to grow their hair out for Joseon sageuk, especially when they play a yangban, so I don’t buy the growing hair out assumption. Thus, my Bogummy bear darling, time to go to a hair dresser and get rid of that colour, curls and make that hair neat. Yeah?


This is sweet, just like a couple, except was he asked to do it or he did it on his own accord? Thinking Face on Twitter Twemoji 2.0


👆 I am fond of this picture except I don’t like where Bo Gum’s hand is, LOLLL.


The trick to be close and having skinship with Bo Gum is…. ensure to have food and drinks with us. Hahahahaha. I’m so so soooo jealous of this girl getting to feed him.


Source: Edwin


One thought on “Edwin Summer Collection 2016 with Park Bo Gum

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  1. So,

    I’m not the ONLY one who have issue with his wavy hair?? Shal we employ YOF’s crew to kidnap him to have a hair cut, or shall we write a formal letter to Blossom Ent to fire his stylist?

    Which one is easier?

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