First Peek! Hwarang: The Beginning Character Posters Revealed.

😍 So this is how the Silla’s Hwarang, also known as The Beautiful Knights, going to look like? 😍 Ooooffff alluring. I am sold! Hwarang stars Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik and Go Ara, as well as many more other pretty boys.

The drama has began filming on March  31, and is entirely pre-produced, so we shall hope that the overall quality of the show will not disappoint, especially all the martial arts / fighting scenes.

Park Seo Joon (She was Pretty) plays Moo Myung, a man of low birth. He looks mischievous, but also arrogant in these posters. The eye shadow also makes him look rather flirtatious. Either way, I am so checking him out.

Park Hyung Sik (High Society) plays Sam Maek Jong, supposedly King Jinheung, looks so prettyyyy.

Go Ara (Joseon Magician) is A Ro. Looks like her character will be cute, optimistic and bubbly. I hope she isn’t a pushover, and that she will be worthy of my Park Seo Joon’s heart.

Minho (Because It’s The First Time) plays an aristocrats named Soo Ho. He looks the part of someone from a high social class, and he reminds me of Legolas from Lord of the Rings. I hope he shoots an arrow through my heart in Hwarang. Hehehe.

Do Ji Han (The Beauty Inside, Incarnation of Money) plays Ban Ryu… and he gives off the cold and calm charisma.

Jo Yoon Woo (Mask) looks too girlie in this poster to appeal to me, or I think he meant to be looking girlie from what I can gather. He plays Yeo Wool; even his name sounds girlie, LOL.

Kim Tae Hyung or V from idol group BTS plays Han Sung.

Hwarang is slated to air on KBS2 later this year. In that case, I supposed this will air some time after Park Bo Gum‘s Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds. OMG, I can’t wait to see Bo Gum in sageuk wear too, though he really needs to get rid of the current hair colour, and goes back to black.


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