Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 7 (PD’s Cut)


This episode marks the end of Youth Over Flowers in Africa with my favourite boys: Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum. I sure am going to miss them all, and wonder how far they will go from here onwards in their acting career. Only time will tell. For now, let’s turn back time and enjoy the last of the YOF episode.

The beginning of this episode starts with a recap of the Youth (our boys) and their journey in Africa, the things they see and experience etc., no regrets because this document their (our) youth, and then it appears—the bathrobes and pool scene saying occasionally they make mistakes too. The screen turns black captioned with: Sincerely apologetic of bringing disappointment and inconvenience to the audiences. Heh. Nice move there, Na PD.


Fast forward to a month or two later somewhere in Seoul, on a rooftop, a camping site and equipment are set up awaiting the reunion of the Ssangmun-dong boys. Whose crazy idea is it to film this outdoor, and during the cold winter? Michin-saegi.

1459599239396 1459599258508

Treasurer Go Kyung Pyo is the first to arrive, followed by Chef Ahn Jae Hong. Based on their chit chat, Jae Hong is learning horse riding for a sageuk that will start filming in May. Why haven’t we heard of this? According to Daum, it is a sageuk movie starring Lee Sun Kyun. Jae Hong: ‘I was told I am too fat; the horse nearly died. I was asked to bring some carrots for the horse.’ LOLOLOL.

Jae Hong feels uneasy and nervous of having finally have the feeling that he is on a variety show. Kyung Pyo eases the situation by sharing with us he has been living too freely in Africa that he could not control his fart now, even in public. He shares that there was one time he farted whilst conversing with a hoobae. If the hoobae hadn’t pointed it out, he said he had no idea. LMAO.

1459599354872 1459599386564

Cut to uri Angel Maknae Park Bo Gum arriving at the venue with a camcorder of his own. He wanted to record everything down for memory. Note: I didn’t give him the nickname, the subtitle did, hehehe, production team really do love him. *Proud*

Like his hyungs, he greets everyone and the production team; asking his hyungs what they have been up to. Kyung Pyo tells him he has been busy studying, as colleges have reopened by that time. Bo Gum notices Jae Hong has brought the pot with him, although now looking clean and shiny. Jae Hong tells them he still uses it at home and whenever he cooks, it gives off charcoal smell.


Driver Ryu Jun Yeol arrives last, just when Kyung Pyo starts to wonder aloud where he is. We go through another round of greetings and ends with Jun Yeol pointing out Bo Gum has dyed his hair, but completely not notice Jae Hong did too, as pointed out by Kyung Pyo. Did he? Apart from a haircut, I didn’t think he dye his hair. Jae Hong says coldly, ‘It’s okay.’ (for Jun Yeol not noticing)—BWAHAHAHA.

Bo Gum shares that he was wishing to be kidnapped again on his way there, but Kyung Pyo quickly tells him no, because will have zero academic credit point, and he would be wasted paying college fees. Jun Yeol enviously says the school days was the best time, to which Kyung Pyo agrees saying he has been very happy lately. The female PD: ‘How many academic credit points do you have now?’ Jae Hong cuts in ‘Aish, what’s so good about it?’ as if trying to stop this conversation since he’s no longer studying. Kyung Pyo is too embarrassed to reveal his average credit point, and says he can’t graduate in the last semester, because he doesn’t have enough points.


Jun Yeol tells him to join the army as a Bachelor Officer. He says he could, since credit points is difficult to complete when he has to work, but that means he will have to be in the military services for 6 years. Woah. Really, 6 years?! He then whines that Jae Hong keeps telling to be a Bachelor Officer lately. Jae Hong called him one day, out of the blue just tells him to become a Bachelor Officer, and that he will be successful. LOLLLL. Jae Hong must be poisoned by Descendants of the Sun recently, LOL. They are so busy catching up that the production team has to urge them to start doing something, like cooking, LOL.

Ce9clcyUYAAXe6V.jpg large1459599557187 1459599521587

Bo Gum asks if he could wash his hands first, which prompted everyone to go as well. He is the first to return, takes off his jacket (gosh he looks good in jeans), he begins chopping up onions for making kimchi fried rice; whereas Jun Yeol puts beef steaks on the BBQ grill. OMG Jun Yeol, don’t side-cook people! He keeps telling Bo Gum to add more oil when Bo Gum is stir-frying the onions and kimchi. I am worried now, and for the first time, we are seeing the naggy and annoying sides of Jun Yeol, LOLLL. Even Kyung Pyo asks if he is fooling around as he chops up more onions. He keeps nagging about fried rice needing more oil and more onions for its sweetness. I won’t disagree, but the pan is too shallow to be able to hold all these ingredients, and it is non-stick; it doesn’t need that much oil.

1459599622499 1459599636444

I think Bo Gum gives up in the end, and let Jun Yeol takes over with the fried rice. LOL. Whilst the food is still cooking, Kyung Pyo mentions he became so busy after returning from Africa that he felt so sorry for not having visited his parents since. One night they asked him to come home, which he said he will, but the next day Bo Gum paid a visit at their shop when he was filming nearby. It feels like Bo Gum has visited them on his behalf; his parents are very happy too. Kyung Pyo is very thankful of Bo Gum and for him to keep his parents on his mind.


I knew it. The fried rice is screwed, even VJ declared it the worst. The overall consensus is that the rice is still uncooked, olive oil’s taste is too strong, and lastly chef Jae Hong announces the kimchi used is not suitable for making kimchi fried rice. In the end, Bo Gum saves it by adding the sauce used to wrap rice and dry seaweed together.

Ce-JfbgUYAEa4z1.jpg large

Can’t help but wanting to point out how funny it is to see Bo Gum temporarily turn into a goat, stuffing his face with leaves, LOL. Jun Yeol tells him to sit down, but he says no he wants to eat the food in front of him that’s why he isn’t sitting. Haha.


They are then asked if they think about the trip. Kyung Pyo says he does, every day. Jae Hong says he wants to do quad biking as it looks so fun. Ha. That’s definitely more fun than sitting by the beach doing nothing even though it is revealed now they saw flamigos and a herd of camels by the beach, which they find it weird, and I totally agree. Jae Hong also had a good laugh at teasing Kyung Pyo calling flamingo ‘Hong Hap’ instead of ‘Hong Hak’, LOL. Meanwhile the other two are having a lifetime sand boarding and doing a photoshoot. Pffttt~

12800296_951733771571937_3144338536189535104_n 005xd7EKjw1f1jmm6in10j30xc18gqup1278787_955919267820054_5661745403906209952_o CdFSBIOXIAEtDxy.jpg large

Even though they split up doing different activities at the time, but they don’t forget to enjoy the time they spent with each other; and thus, enabling YOF to share these memorable photos with us. I wish I can get my hands on all their phones; I want those selcas the most.

1459599930492 1459599965537

After quad biking and sand boarding, Jun Yeol and Bo Gum have a bit of bonding time. Jun Yeol asked Bo Gum what does he normally do at home, and what is his hobby. Bo Gum says restin, eating and sleeping when he is at home, and he likes to play piano and watch movies. Such homey boy, dae style. But Jun Yeol likes cruising around, and he invited Bo Gum to join him when he goes motorbike riding. Bo Gum smiles brightly giving a thumb-up, ‘It’s a promise’. Ya, don’t go on a date without me.


Back in the hotel, neat freak Bo Gum and hyung Jun Yeol wash up before meeting up Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong for dinner. Bo Gum ensures Jun Yeol takes care of his skin by giving him after-sun lotion. See, he shouldn’t feel useless. He takes good care of his hyungs as well.

1459600025349 1459600044145

Cutting back to the present, the boys are given Amarula. Kyung Pyo says the taste of Amarula is sweeter than Bailey after adding milk. ‘Caramel Macchiato with chocolate milk’ Bo Gum adds. Jae Hong: ‘… with a bit of whiskey added to it.’ Whatever boys, we know you all love it. Tsk tsk. Bo Gum really likes it because he gives off the ‘It’s a taste of heaven’ smiles twice.

Next we see the scenes where Bo Gum travelled from Korea to Africa that were completely cut out in episode 1, since the show was concentrating on showing the Hyungs running around trying to rent a car then. Thank you, Na PD, for giving back this to the audiences. Bo Gum was exhausted as he slept all the way there, even ate with his eyes close, and we get different versions of his sleeping faces. LOL at the one with his mouth wide open.


Whilst he slept, a carton of milk was left on his seat table with a Post-It saying ‘I am your fan. Hwaiting’. It is from a stewardess, who must be a true fan, knowing that he likes milk. Before getting off the plane, more stewardess gifted him snacks, and he ended up with 1.5 bags full of snacks in his hands. OMG, hahaha, score! They even gave him chilli paste, how random. And we see snippet of clips of the Hyungs on different occasion benefiting from all these food to Kyung Pyo digging through the plastic bags, sounding amused, but also with a bit of jealousy as he hounds and demands, ‘Ya, why would the stewardess give you so much? Who is it, that stewardess, WHO is it? Is it one person that gave you that much?’

1459600860975 1459600877797

I’m not sure why Jae Hong has his hand on Bo Gum’s back whilst Kyung Pyo was firing all these questions, but it is as if he is supporting Bo Gum, knowingly how naggy Kyung Pyo can be, LOL. Bo Gum’s expression is no biggie, and answers casually, ‘A lot of people gave it to me.’ Kyung Pyo continues to nag in disbelief, ‘The stewardess just keeps giving you all these?’ and Jun Yeol joins in, ‘The stewardesses are weird… is this all because of Bo Gum?’ ‘This is unbelievable. What is this? There’s even chocolates?’ Upon hearing chocolate, Bo Gum asks, ‘Oh let’s eat the chocolate.’, completely ignore Kyung Pyo. ‘Why would the stewardess give you chocolate? Why would they give you so much?’ HAHAHAHAHAHA. I am so amused at Kyung Pyo’s amusement. The Hyungs are definitely envious as they devoured all those snacks. Jae Hong: ‘Even these peanuts are from the stewardess? Are you sure these aren’t confession (of love)?’ They all ended up congratulating Bo Gum. LOLOLOL… yeaps, the boy is blessed with love from everyone, even without asking. Hahaha, this part is absolutely hilarious.

1459601030319 1459601049801

In the present, Bo Gum shows his appreciation, and tells Kyung Pyo he is touched that Kyung Pyo bought him a meal (the one that he never got to eat), and in turn, the Hyungs nags him the spaghetti dish and pizza he had look delicious and how he never told them about it. And we find out why. After checking the menu, Bo Gum deduced that it was too expensive, but he aegyo shyly, asking if the VJ team would shout for his meal. Hahaha, niceeee. The staffs readily agreed since he has been generously offering them snacks or sweets, and taking care of them all the way. When the spaghetti arrived, he tasted a tiny bit, and generously offer each staff a bit before digging in.

1459601162974 1459601189172

Even though he says he was already full from the spaghetti, he can’t resist tasting a slice of the pizza, and I see that the staff also gave him some hamburger. He also asked the waitress for pickles, but they get fresh cucumber instead. At first it was just few pieces of cucumber, but the second time he asked, he received a tiny hill of sliced cucumbers on a small dish. LOL, this boy can get away with murder, I reckon. Even though our boy says he is full, but he still finish the pizza. PD Team: ‘Bo Gum, you can really eat.’ ‘Yeah, I love to eat. I can’t live without food.’ Bo Gum answers. PD team: ‘Good. You are suitable for travelling.’

1459602255527 1459602279368

In contrast, the Hyungs have to pay for a bottle of drinks themselves using the Thai baht they had. They get into a bit of problem where if they buy with Thai Baht or US dollars, the change they get back is in Singapore dollars. They did not want Singaporean dollars since they are only transitting. They then sneaked behind Na PD, and went to a foreign exchange stall to change all their Thai baht into US dollars. LOL, is this considered as cheating, Jun Yeol? But Jun Yeol tells the VJ, Na PD told them they can use up all their Thai baht, and runs away quickly. They ended up getting USD$92 from the exchange. LOL, that must be a lot of Thai baht they have on them.


On the plane, whilst being served a meal, Jun Yeol told them he wants to see sunset and sunrise. Jae Hong wants to capture a cheetah on camera for the sake of their onscreen cheetah mother, Ra Min Ran. They joke about the choice of word ‘capture’, and Kyung Pyo joked one of them will have to sacrifice and be the bait. Jae Hong offered Bo Gum up, LOL. Jun Yeol: ‘So the best looking one will be the bait.’ Poor Bo Gum doesn’t even know his beloved Hyungs have sold him to the cheetah.

1459602375977 1459602399642

When they arrived at Johannesburg, Jun Yeol had a change of mind about the hotel they have booked; he finds it too far from the airport. He tried to book another, and then began to act reaaaally fishy whenever the VJ approached closer. In the end the boys all cracked up laughing. Turns out Jun Yeol tried to pay the hotel with his own credit card account (using Pay Pal I presumed), but he could not remember his password, so his credit card was frozen on the spot. Since the cheat trick failed, it was shared with Na PD and Jun Yeol explained he was pulling a Yoo Yoon Suk‘s stunt (refer to YOF in Laos). Na PD: ‘Don’t learn that kind of thing. Why do you have to learn that? Why are all the Answer Me kids like this?’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And then we are shown a message conversation posted by Jun Yeol’s assistant/manager from CJ.ES instagram when the boys were first kidnapped to Africa, where Jun Yeol was desperately begging for his manager to answer his calls as he needs his money.

1459602479669 1459602495718

Cut back to Bo Gum waking up at Johannesburg’s airport hotel in rooster hairstyle. LOL OMG, so funny. How in the world the hair becomes like that overnight? He must not have a long sleep, as he is still nodding off on the bed. Ugh, I hate that feeling. But eventually he dragged himself out to wash up, and transformed into the beautiful boy that we know again, LOL. Traumatised Bo Gum double and triple checked his boarding pass and the screen to ensure he isn’t making the same mistake again, and he boarded the plane on time.

1459602536249 1459602552130

On the road trip, the boys missed out on two tourist spots—Cape Cross and Deadvlei. They drove past Cape Cross and missed out on the chance to see the seals, and they were at the entrance parking lot of Deadvlei, but Jun Yeol was too distracted by the Caucasian beauty that they don’t even know they were already there. They seem like they were driving around aimlessly, and ended up getting the car stuck in the sand. *Face Palm*

1459602741965 1459602782810

In Jun Yeol’s solo interview, he was asked if he had seen Deadvlei; he said yes. I don’t know why he lied, but when the PD pressed on, he started bull shitting, LOLLLL, with what he had read from the travel guide book.


Back to present, Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo shared their story about Jae Hong staying overnight at his place where Kyung Pyo insisted to sleep on the floor with the sleeping bag. He says he really likes it especially with the heater on, it feels like he’s at Jjimjilbang (Korean bathhouse). ‘The sleeping bag is still set out in my room on the floor.’ Jae Hong: ‘The house is so messy.’ Hahaha.

Female PD: Have you guys play a lot of weird games?

1459602840474 1459602863639

The boys were confused at first, already forgotten the little silly things they did in Africa, and then they were reminded they did play zizibong. Kyung Pyo: ‘Were we drunk then?’ No sir, all of them were sober and it happened on the 9th day whilst waiting in line to cross the custom. It all began between Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo where Jae Hong tried to guess-poke Kyung Pyo’s nipple. Then little maknae asked, ‘Hyungs, do you guys not know this trick?’ and he showed them the trick that will 100% get to the target at one go. Female PD: I am amazed Bo Gum knows that trick. Bo Gum: ‘Is it? My classmate taught me, and also played with friends I went to Europe with.’

1459603584720 1459603596829

They were then asked if there was a dish cooked by Jae Hong they would like to taste again. They chose the ramyun dish on their first camping night, which at first it was extremely tasteless, but once Jae Hong sprinkled the magic powder, it became really delicious. However, nothing beats the BBQ buttered corn kernel incident. It had 3 of the Hyungs fighting over it, LOL. Now someone please tell me why there is only one corn kernel? Bo Gum, being the maknae, only took one bite, and let the Hyungs have it all.

1459603658348 1459603715003

On their way to Victoria Falls, they passed by Chobe National Park, which is where they see all the elephants. Female PD explained to Kyung Pyo it is where most of the documentary shows film the African animals. I doubt the boys saw all those animals that was shown to us, which is a pity, and doesn’t look like they capture a cheetah on camera either. Apologies, I kinda find the behind of the hippo cute in this scene, LOL.

1459603686206 1459603694321

One other funny thing is Na PD saying Kyung Pyo’s hairstyle is inspired by the water buffalo. LOLOLOLOL…

1459603733069 1459603763017

They were asked what are the scenes they felt it should have been shown, sweet Jae Hong mentioned Jun Yeol has stuck his phone on the car filming the clouds, as well as leaving his phone in between the rocks filming the waterhole. I think Jun Yeol is definitely setting out to become a director in future, as whilst he is filming YOF, he is also learning cinematography skills from the VJs.

They also share with us who have left a lasting impression on them in Africa. For Jun Yeol, obviously it was the YOLO girl. Why am I not surprised? For Kyung Pyo, it was his life-saver, Silent. Then Jun Yeol finally remembers Clever, the first African man who gave them wood fire. Tsk, took you long enough. In return, the boys gave Clever snacks and Jae Hong gave the taxi driver a pair of socks, emphasizing it is from Korea. Hehehe, so random.

1459603783649 1459603804146

For Bo Gum, it was the two Korean tourists after arriving at Namibia airport. Bo Gum tried to call his Hyungs, but could not, so he had to buy a sim card. However, the deals are too confusing and difficult to decide, plus he doesn’t think he has much time to spare. Luckily 3 brains are better than one, and the Korean boys helped him out. Funnily, when Bo Gum was thanking them, one of the boys told him with a straight face that he is Bo Gum’s fan.

1459640616656 1459640639795

When watching the sunset, Jun Yeol shares that thoughts crept up on his mind. Things that he must do when he returned to South Korea, such as respectfully greet the elderly or sunbae, or not to spit on the ground. Errr… does he do or not do these things before? Mini thoughts such as these accumulate in him and change his life. No matter where he travels, it is this moment (the beautiful scenery) he wanted to see. As for Kyung Pyo, he expresses that he feels extremely lonely when he returns to an empty house after a tiresome day. Thus to him, he especially misses the time he gets to fall asleep together with the boys after an exhaustive day; it makes him happy. Jae Hong feels the same too, after 10 days of doing everything together, he feels a sense of emptiness after returning to South Korea. Bo Gum asks for them to meet up often.


Not sure what was up with Kyung Pyo before and during the trip, but when asked about the day he cried during the kidnapping, he says he is still unsure of the reason. Looking back at himself at the time, he notices the change after returning home. The pain he felt then now feels trivial, and he now understand what’s more important to him. Hmm, what is going on BTS? Jae Hong and Bo Gum seem to nod knowingly. So curious.

1459603906538 1459603931953

Jun Yeol expresses he particularly liked the word ‘Youth’ because it is the time where we are young only once in our life time. To Bo Gum, youth is having no regrets. He thinks it is better to do it and regret than not do it and regret later. So youth is living our life without having any regrets.

1459604008480 1459603961980

For Kyung Pyo, he says the change he felt is to focus on every moment, on the things that can only be done now. He is a lazy person and that he tends to procastinate, but now he has realised the lost time will not return. Jae Hong has learnt to cherish the things/people he may no longer see if he misses them now. That the experience or things he saw at Africa have now become an important part of his life and will remain in him for a very very long time.


Annyeong ~👋👋👋👋

Youth Over Flowers in Africa: You Only Live Once signing out.


To be honest, I would have no problem if this episode is only about them playing catch up—there will be so much more interesting juice about their current personal, daily life etc., except it would be hell for a comprehensive recap. My hunch about Bo Gum being a neat freak is now confirmed when he asked if he can wash his hands first before they begin cooking. Throughout this episode, I find the Hyungs are a lot more talkative, and Bo Gum tends to sit quietly and listens, just like he described about himself in interviews.


Overall, I say only 2-3 uncut scenes I find interesting. They are Bo Gum being showered with gifts by stewardess and Kyung Pyo’s disbelief nagging, Bo Gum waking up with rooster hairstyle, receiving help from the Korean tourists and lastly, Jun Yeol trying to pull a Yoo Yoon Suk’s stunt.


With technology these days, I think it is getting more and more difficult for Na PD to ensure the his guests do not pull a Yoo Yoon Suk’s stunt—where we can now pay the bills directly from our mobile phones and Pay Pal etc. As long as we have our account number, password and mobile phones, we have access to our money wherever we are. Na PD has to admit, it is very smart of Yoon Suk. However, even if out boys failed pulling the Yoo Yoon Suk’s stunt, have the Hyungs not realised they have People-want-to-shower-gifts little dongsaeng, Bogummy? I think they did not utilise their little dongsaeng’s charm well on this trip. Or maybe they did, and we are not shown of it. Tee hee.


Speaking of Bo Gum, I am, too, at awe at how easily he wins people’s heart by being kind and generous. I really think it becomes a weapon he can utilise, if he wants to. But most importantly, I don’t know how he can be so kind and generous to everyone. Our behaviour depends on how the others behave, so it is extremely difficult to be kind and nice to a person who isn’t polite, nice or deserve it. For this, I applaud this boy and his good upbringing by his family and (I suppose) religion.

Ce9t4UTUYAI9cVT.jpg large

We have now reached the end of Youth Over Flowers in Africa. The wonderful memories these youthful boys shared with us, has been fun and enjoyable from Namibia and all the way to the magnificent Victoria Falls (as if I haven’t said this enough).

Lastly, Kamsadaaaa to those who find these recaps a good read, and especially grateful to those who left a comment; I appreciate your effort in doing so. Really, really thank you. It was a shock, but also a great honour one of these recaps caught the attention of Park Bo Gum’s DC gallery Korean fans. Thank you all, for dropping by.


005ZY38mgw1f2cd312z7bj30k00f0gmr12599213_215798028783694_1453782086_nCe9t4WXWQAA3Ph_.jpg large005ZY38mgw1f2cd30nedcj30k00k0ac4


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  1. thank you & looooooove you so much for this fun recap !! i enjoyed most of their moments esp bogummy. The crews surely love him lol im so impressed how he can live everyday’s life with his grateful heart and be kind as he can. so in return ppl around appreciate his kindness and treated him dearly like PDs, and his hyungs. many thing he did are all BTS like texting occasionally to seniors, visit GKP’s parents, etc. which i find it’s all his will without showing “im a good person” that later ppl themself will reveal it to public how great bogum is. this applies to most of his seniors & crews back when he’s not popular too. (sorry for my long post coz im so happy being his stan)

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  2. Thank you so much for your recaps, Dear. You’ve worked hard.
    I enjoyed reading through these seven episode recaps of YOF Africa.
    These will be missed; the Ssangmundong F4 and your recaps.
    Love, sincerely.

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  3. I love reading your recaps~~ Thank you~ Gotta miss those boys antics. They should travel together in the future. How about exotic places? Hee

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  4. Thank you so much for recapping. I enjoyed it sooo much. Since the subtitle tends to be late, your recap help me a lot to understand what they’re talking. Love love :)))

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  5. Thank you so much for recapping. I really enjoyed it. Since the subtitle tends to be late, your recap help me to understand what they’re talking about. Thank youuuu, dear :)))


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