Park Bo Gum Models For Edwin & Disney


I have a sudden urge in wishing I am that Minnie Mouse right now. Sobs. Edwin announces they are partnering with Walt Disney starting this coming April, which is why uri Park Bo Gum is seen modelling in Mickey Mouse tee-shirt (pink I may add) and with Mickey and Minne Mouse dolls.


Waaaaah, so cute, I am SOLD!!! Now is Edwin Disney open for online shopping, and the e-shop is in English? LOLOLOL. I like the shoes the most actually, but I don’t mind that tee shirt either. More importantly, I would buy that boy posing with the two dolls for sale. Hehehe.

The partnership with Disney is said to be for April, and in May, it will be with Marvel. I’m placing my bet he will be wearing Iron Man for promotion since Iron Man is a lot more famous.

The Making


More at Edwin Korea Blog


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