Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 6 (Final)


Awesome, I was hoping a picture of this group shot will be posted, and they managed to get a nice shot with Victoria Falls as the backdrop. Due to lighting beyond my capability of repairing, we can’t see the beauty of the waterfalls, but it does not matter—this particular picture is about the youth and journey of our boys: Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and maknae, Park Bo Gum. And lets hustle together (mentally) and cheer: Kamsahamnida, Youth Over Flowers in Africa! Hip Hip Hurrayyyy \(^o^)/~~~~the boys complete their mission and have one more day to spare—to do scary activities.

Later in their solo interviews, they share their thoughts after seeing the waterfalls:

Jae Hong: I am shaken by it, and completely overwhelmed. If you must ask what thoughts came into mind, then it was about my parents—feeling thankful they gave birth to me. (The falls) was that level of magnificent.

Bo Gum: It is like ‘Ahhh’ because we have to see this view, so we rush everyday, going through some hardship that doesn’t seem all that hard for 8 days…that sort of thoughts. However, once we saw it, the unspoken things or hardship and others…everything… disappear like when the snow melted.

Jun Yeol: An unknown feeling was produced. It is a mixture of respect for the waterfalls and a sense of accomplishment.

Kyung Pyo: For as long as I have lived, the worries I have had; the difficult tests I had faced at the time, or the things I find hard, it made me feel lacking. I hope when I return to South Korea, what I have felt and what I am feeling now can remain gleaming in my heart for a long time.

They move closer to the edge of the cliff to get a closer take of the waterfalls. OMG be careful, you four! The view is just splendor. They gather for a group hug and tell each other “You guys have really work hard.” Mission accomplish, and they take a group photo. They are then urged by the staff to return because the facility is closing.


Sun has set by the time they get into the car. Since it is their last night, they decide they can stay at a better place. They also don’t need to worry about preparing meals anymore because it is on Na PD & Co. On the way they see a traveller’s lodge, so they stop to check it out. The place is below satisfactory; the room comes with bunk beds and are tiny. Most importantly, all the rooms have no lights and the water is dirty. What kind of place is this? How can it not have any lights? They decided to look for others, so Jae Hong logs into Hotel Combined app searching for their accommodation in the dark.


They find Wild Trekkers Lodge, which turns out to be waaaayyy more pleasant than the previous one with free breakfast and Wi-Fi (according to Wotif). Jae Hong makes sure he checks the water coming out of the tap is clean, and there is hot water. Jae Hong is extremely proud of himself for finding this hotel; he says it’s the first time he uses the Hotel Combined app, and sheepishly he adds, ‘It looks like it is the best.’ LOLOLOL.


Just when everyone else is preoccupied with moving their belongings into their rooms, Kyung Pyo approaches a female staff and returns the last of their expense. WHAAAAAT!? Waeeeee?! Why would he do that? He should go get himself a pair of clean pants and another packet of undies for the boys for crying out loud.

1459058659954 1459058697458

Next scene we see Jun Yeol is lying in bed already; Bo Gum walks into the room and off the light. Bed time, peeps, lights off! But what is that noise in the background? Sounds like a washing machine on spin cycle. Next morning the beds Jun Yeol and Bo Gum sleep on are now in a mess. Oh, they finally learnt to make good use of the mosquito net, except it won’t work if the head or legs are outside of the net. And LOL, note that Bo Gum hangs his blue undies on the bedside table. I swear previously at the campsite, Jae Hong gives him a black one, or the boys just wear each other’s during the trip?

1459058742431 1459061168776

Jun Yeol and Bo Gum are the first to wake. Next is Snoring King Jae Hong. He pats Kyung Pyo’s bum and tells him time to get up. It’s always a treat to see Kyung Pyo waking up in his undies. Hmm k, so Bo Gum isn’t wearing Kyung Pyo’s undies. Maybe it is his own pair. Glad to know they aren’t that close, yet. They then re-locate to the breakfast table where once again the cameraman (and subtitles) put all the concentration on Bo Gum. Is Kyung Pyo still trying to snooze in the background, or saying a morning prayer? Bo Gum finishes off his big breakkie by munching on a green apple. As he eats he makes ‘tsk tsk’ sound which catches Jae Hong’s attention. Jae Hong: ‘What are you doing? Is it sour?’ ‘Yes’ and immediately Bo Gum makes the ‘oh it’s sour’ face. ‘Oh I feel the sourness from seeing your expression.’ says Jae Hong.

1459058824407 1459058848506

They get into the car and await to be taken to Victoria Falls for water rafting. Whilst waiting, Jae Hong plays a Answer Me 1988 OST, but the signal is so bad that the music sounds like a broken CD. They made good fun out of the situation. That scene is extremely funny. When Kyung Pyo tells the others that Jae Hong’s snore was the loudest ever the night before, we got the mystery of the background noise solved too, Jun Yeol says it was made by their ceiling fan. Geez, I guess the hotel only seems perfect, but not at all perfect. They should have asked to exchange the room.

They are first taken to a preparation place where they have to fill a waiver form, gear up in helmet and safety vest. When they arrive at the destination, they have to walk 30 minutes downwards to get to the river. Ack, that’s so loooong. It’s going to be hell climbing back up later.

005xd7EKjw1f28535ou0dj30rs0ku445 005xd7EKjw1f28534n7jvj30rs0kugq9

Finally at the river, their instructor of the day gives them some safety tips and tricks. I’m not too worried about Jun Yeol and Bo Gum, but I did wonder if Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo understand everything. Once lesson is done, they begin water rafting.

In the first few rounds, they all did really well, but once they get to The Washing Machine, they get hit by a huge wave and the rafting boat topple, throwing everyone off the boat. Everyone gets back on the boat except Kyung Pyo, who is washed away farther when he tried to retrieve the paddles. But no worries, the safeguard who rides on the canoe picks him up.

‘I save your life’ said the safeguard. To this, Kyung Pyo thanks the man and asks his name. The man answers Silen, but Kyung Pyo misheard him and thought Silen is asking him to be silent; he explains in his solo interview. To be honest, I thought I heard Simon. LOL. Whoever you are, Silen or Simon, thank you for saving uri Kyung Pyo. Ssangmundong 5 will be incomplete without uri Sun Woo.

Apart from water rafting, they swin around for awhile when they get to the calmer area of the river. The instructor also made them do rock jumping, even the cameraman did it. Because of this, Na PD lost a GoPro camera after Jun Yeol jumped into the water, LOL. I would love to see his face when he gets told about it, hehehe.


The boys had one heck of fun with water rafting, but when they have to climb up the hill, Jae Hong falls behind completely. Jun Yeol leads, explaining his fitness come from playing football every weekend. Surprisingly, even Kyung Pyo arrives on the top before Jae Hong, LOL. Jae Hong decides to take it slow, and pants his way uphill. I feel his pain.

When he finally arrives, producer starts asking if they would like to do bumgee jumping. Jun Yeol says he will; Kyung Pyo says no; Jae Hong says: ‘I’ll cheer for my friends’. Hahahaha. Bo Gum says he wants to do it too, because if he doesn’t do it now, he doesn’t know when he will have the opportunity. Kyung Pyo laughs, ‘I thought the same too at first, I’m already here, might as well do it. But now I don’t think I can.’ The producer informs them they can all go and check it out first, but if they feel uncomfortable about it, they don’t have to do it. I wonder if they will get to choose at all if Na PD hadn’t abandoned them for Victoria Falls.

CeZdCcbUkAE1M6n.jpg large CeZdCfQUAAEg7HK.jpg large

They are then served with lunch, which is included in their water rafting’s expenses. The boys ate two serves, particularly Bo Gum, even the local starts staring at how much food he is stuffing his face with. I assume, but I kind of think this assumption is substantiated by the screenshot above, LOL.


Off they go to the Victoria Falls bridge where they will bumgee jump, and on the way, maybe because it’s their last day, so they keep waving to all the local Africans they encounter. Bo Gum comments that after the arrival of Africa, he hasn’t seen any locals frown, and they are always smiling and welcoming when being greeted. He doesn’t think he will ever forget those bright smiles, he says. The boy himself must not know he himself has equally bright, sunny smiles, huh? As for Kyung Pyo, he thought the life in Africa would be tougher than living in Korea, he’s amazed seeing them wave back happily, their bright smiles are genuine without any pretense. He thinks they are people who hasn’t yet been corrupted by social customs or materialism.


At the bumgee jump centre, immediately after seeing the video clips of other people jumping off the bridge, Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo confirm they won’t be doing it. Hahaha. ‘This looks dangerous for the heart’, Jun Yeol says worrily. He then goes off to research about bumgee jumping, and he finds out it is only 4 seconds jumping off a 111m bridge at a speed of 120km/hr. I would have advised him not to find out at all, just do it and over and done with. Knowing too much will just be even more frightening.

‘It looks higher than I imagine.’ Bo Gum says, but before he can worry further, he gets call in to sign up. The staff tells them to stand on the scale so that their weights can be recorded on their hand. The weight will later help the staffers at the bridge when gearing them up. To be more accurate, Bo Gum is 71.5 kg and Jun Yeol is 74.5 kg (with clothes on). If they are to strip and re-weigh, I think we will have to minus off a kilo, at least. They are considered skinny for their height.


Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo sit by somewhere laughing at themselves chickening out. Jae Hong is a lot more certain that he won’t do it, but Kyung Pyo is still being fickle-minded, and his mind keeps changing at different times. LOL, but right now, he has decided not to do it.


The scene goes black and tells us: 2 months later…at the reunion, they have been asked if there’s anything they regretted not doing. Kyung Pyo: ‘Yes there is! It is a pity I didn’t do bumgee jumping. It’s not like I can’t do it in Korea, but they take video of you, give it to you in USB and there’s even certificate of proof.’ He’s so annoyed at himself. Hahahahahahahahahaha. I think another pity is because he had the chance to do it with friends and he didn’t. Note: The Cleaning Angel, Park Bo Gum, is cleaning up again during the reunion, LOL.

1459059680254 1459059594148

LOL…next we see Bo Gum and Jun Yeol strutting to the bridge in the coolest and calmest manner ever. Unfortunately, the cool stride is too difficult to capture. Bo Gum cannot stop pushing his fringe back (in nervousness I bet), and Jun Yeol hides behind the sunnies. Bo Gum has the holy shit face when he saw the heights, and Jun Yeol seems to be chanting internally: Don’t look. Not too look. It’s all cool. ‘Are you not nervous?’, asked the Producer. Jun Yeol: ‘Huh? Oh, I am only pretending to be calm. Behind the sunnies, you will see my pupils are moving around with uneasiness. He is then asked isn’t he scared of heights; he says yes so he is not going to look down. Gahhhh, that’s super brave of you.

12891737_964552166956764_1949932304303137096_o 12322724_964552283623419_6111187758861840205_o

The two become extremely quiet whilst waiting, especially Jun Yeol. The staff asks him for his name, he goes complete blank for a split second before giving it to the guy. LOL, he’s that nervous. Bo Gum says his heart is palpitating really quick, and admits it is his first time so he’s really nervous, but he still manage to give us a few brightly smiled shots before he gets called to gear up. ‘Oh my gosh’, exclaimed Bo Gum. Meanwhile, Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo are entertained by the monkeys (or baboons).

The instructor tells Bo Gum he needs to dive out as far as possible, so there won’t be any accident. By this time, my heart is palpitating just as quick as Bo Gum, and I’m gritting my teeth in nervousness. Heck, it’s not like I don’t know he did it successfully and come back well and alive, but why am I still so nervous for him? It feels like suicide at this point, really.

Bo Gum keeps repeating, ‘I’m really nervous… really really nervous.’ and he keeps making sounds of ‘Woooo’ and ‘Ughhhhh’ to release the tension. LOL. He makes me even more nervous by deciding to say his last few words.

Bo Gum: Stop. Stop. Stop. I have something to say. To the Youth Over Flowers family, thank you all. Jun Yeol Hyung, Jae Hong Hyung and Kyung Pyo Hyung, thank you. Ahhhh. I love my family. Everyone fighting!


And then… the staffs push him off the bridge and uri Bo Gum goes flying. Aaarrgggghhhh, my heart bursts. In the air, Bo Gum yells ‘Hyung, Saranghaeyo’ and we cut to his solo interview. He explains he honestly feels very scared doing water rafting and bumgee jumping, because he has never done it before. He is also worried if he can do well travelling with Hyungs, and whether as a maknae, he can follow/comply with them. However, he now feels very relieved after this experience, that he is not only closer with Hyungs, but made many happy memories. Lastly, he says Youth is living without having any regrets, and wants to do the same.

OMG, so that’s how we get off the bumgee jumping rope? A man has to literally go down to bring Bo Gum up to the lower section of the bridge, and he has to walk and climb back up. I think my legs would be to shaky to be able to walk. Bo Gum walks towards the ladder and then gets freaked out as he unintentionally looks down. He goes, ‘Gaaahhh… Ahhhhh’ again. LOL. Just as he has climbed up the second layer of the bridge, he gets informed Jun Yeol is about to jump. OMG, my heart is going to go through the bursting phase again…!

12672122_964554926956488_4815712866669093142_o 12671733_964555073623140_7134679113919987675_o

Jun Yeol manages to squeeze a smile out of his burnt face when the staff takes his picture. He then ensures the staffs check his gears properly. Safety is number 1 for uri Jun Yeol, LOL. Just before he is about to jump, Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong arrive at the scene for support; Jun Yeol breaks into a big smile, but gets hustled to be ready for the jump. OMG my heart can’t take this a second time.

Contrary to Bo Gum, Jun Yeol is extremely quiet and only manages to mutter ‘I love you’ before getting pushed off the bridge. Once he’s in the middle of it, he seems to enjoy it a lot, and totally love the feeling of flying.


In his solo interview, Jun Yeol explains he really does have height phobia. He tends to consider the result first: will he die if he jumps and falls. What will be the theory behind it and how many metres are they etc. But he didn’t think about it this time and when he comes back up, he thought it was amazing he isn’t scared of the heights at all. Errr, is that mean he is now free from the phobia?

1459059726820 1459059784649

Jae Hong looks so cute staring down the bridge (LOL), and then moves away with the ‘OMG, this is sooooo scary’. But then goes back to look some more. Kyung Pyo worrily nags, wondering why Bo Gum hasn’t come up yet. LOLLL. I am beginning to see how similar they are to their Answer Me characters, Sun Woo nags too.

1459059834661 1459059845428

And we find out Bo Gum decides to wait for Jun Yeol below the bridge. Whilst waiting, he gets entangled in the ‘I don’t think I open my eyes when I jumped. I can’t remember. I think hyung looks cooler jumping off, I’m not’. LOLLLL seriously boy, who cares? When the two met up, they confess their love in front of the camera. Aigoooo you two. And I wish the camera has anti-shake on coz I can’t freaking get a good screencap from this backhug scene.


Bo Gum praises Jun Yeol jumping off handsomely, but Jun Yeol tells him he didn’t see how Bo Gum jumps. So Bo Gum shows him with his hand action. While climbing up, Jun Yeol tells Bo Gum he now feels a lot more comfortable. Initially, he can’t even stand on (high) places like this. Jun Yeol: ‘It would be nice if Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong Hyung did it too.’


The 4 meet up, pat and hug each other. They all sit down to take in what just happened, and let the adrenaline rush calm down. Bo Gum lies on the table as if still in disbelief he has done it, or feeling drained after the excitement is over.

On their way out, they look at the certificate of proof whilst the other two admire with envy. Just then the female PD announces to them this wrap up the Youth Over Flowers filming. OMG. It’s so sudden that even they were taken by surprise. Bo Gum is in complete disbelief and as expected, begins to cry. Hahaha, I’m so used to this cry baby by now, even Jun Yeol tells the team not to mind Bo Gum’s crying, ‘He always cry…don’t worry.’ One by one, the cameras turn off…noooooooooooooooooooooo!

‘Oh, do we have to turn off the mic now?’ Bo Gum asks…

‘Now it really feels like Answer Me is over…’ they say…

1459059977734 1459059998083

When the screen comes back on, we get a run through of all the 4 boys and their acting journey to this day. Kyung Pyo says he has learnt a lot through his character as Sun Woo, the way to love and being tolerance, and he wants to Kyung-Pyofied these characteristics and made it his. He also adds he’s very thankful and treasures the time while filming Answer Me and Youth Over Flowers. Jae Hong says he will walk the pathway he walks now, and that will be good enough, and that there is no particular need to forget his character as Jung Bong, which is currently his favourite.

Jun Yeol was asked how many jobs he had before Answer Me came along. He said he has done many jobs such as delivery, home teacher, waiter, catering, mover and etc. He said in disbelief that there was a week he only moves nothing but chairs. He also shares: Back then he told himself he will try auditioning for a thousand times, and if he still doesn’t succeed, he will give up. So that explains why when he snatched the Answer Me role, he was too overwhelmed to say a thing. God you put me to tears, Jun Yeol-ah.

Bo Gum’s question is how he became an actor; his answer is: During his second year of senior high, his family’s financial status was declining. So he was in a hurry to decide his career path and do his very best to prepare for it, and thus, he sent out the video to a few large agencies. It was tough that time, so he felt he must be responsible for his family.

I really think the PD has put some heart into picking the scenes for Bo Gum’s video segment, down to the lines of his characters (especially the Naeil’s Cantabile and Answer Me lines), and through Deok Sun’s mouth, it is as if we are telling Bo Gum he’s work hard all these times. LOL, maybe it’s just my imagination.

Bo Gum: Often we hear people say popularity won’t continue forever. It is also said the moment we possess popularity, we should always be grateful at heart, and it is best to live by maintaining a humble attitude. I often have the thought I must have a firm hold of my own heart, and a good grasp of the core (his focus) before acting on it. This, I feel, is very important.

OMG, why are they so philosophical today? This recap is the most torturing to date. *Pulling my hairs* If they continue to be like this next episode, I’m quitting. *Runs off crying*

1459060068678 1459060112873

Ah. Jun Yeol did spot the lion, a female one, so he wins the cap and shirt. It would have been nice this is shown. Hmph. Bo Gum takes the cap and jokes, ‘Will it suit me?’ and puts it on. Yes, it does suit him. Everyone, especially Jae Hong then starts teasing, ‘The husband is Taek.’ Jun Yeol: You already stole my wife, now you want to take my cap too? Hahahaha. I hope both sides of drama fans will not take offense anymore. I think this have become an inside joke between the cast members.


The next day, they are on a huge tour bus. Bo Gum sticks his head out the window, enjoying the breeze. I think this explains why he is the darkest! Jae Hong really takes the pot back with him, along with the cutlery and magical powder, LOL. Kyung Pyo asks for everyone’s phone number to keep in contact. Me! Me! I’ll give you mine so you can give to Bogummy! In his last solo, Kyung Pyo expresses this trip is especially meaningful to him. He tells us he has a lot of ups and downs during this trip, especially emotionally, and he tends to magnify them. He also says he wavers a lot, but he has learnt to overcome it now. Lastly, in his opinion: Youth is the capability of doing anything. There are pain, happiness, sadness, and even though we are older, we still possess youth.


CeZlbnDVAAEz_hM.jpg large

Next week the boys will meet up after their 2 months trip, and we should see some deleted scenes. It had better be good to leave it till the end. It is lovely to see them together again, because honestly, when will we ever see them reunited like this. *Sad* At this point, I could not stop thinking just how much more entertaining and fun they might have if Lee Dong Hwi joins too. Lee Dong Hwi is well known as the funniest ones in the bunch, so I thought we would see really interesting things in the show. It’s a pity, this goes to show Na PD has flaws too, heh.

By this time, Jae Hong and Bo Gum have scored a new hairstyle/colour. I am still getting used to seeing Bo Gum in wavy, brown hair; although I am now spazzing at this look. The new hairdo makes him look older, but his black hair colour is still my favourite.

The best reward for me watching this show is I got to know each of them a lot better, and most importantly, this trip brings the boys closer. To my surprise, two couple pairs are formed, and it isn’t the pair we originally thought it would be. Instead we see Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo as a closer pair, and Jun Yeol and Bo Gum as another pair. I hope this knock some sense into the drama fans, time to move on, and stop fighting about their characters lacking screen time—concentrate on how much they get along in real life, and we should feel happy they all get recognition for doing this show. Be thankful that it is the Answer Me producers that chose them; see it in the way that without the producers and Shin PD, we would not have known most of these lovely boys. Now what is left is for Na PD to give me back my kissing scene(s).

In general, this show does have moments where we get a little bit bored, but that was because they travel in the car a lot, and the editing isn’t great. If it weren’t for Bo Gum’s little mishaps with the car, the boys probably won’t face any car trouble, because smart Jun Yeol made the right decision on hiring a 4-wheel drive. It protects them from wild animals, and I believe the height of a 4-wheel drive would have prevented the broken window incident, had the stingy Iceland boys invested in a 4-wheel drive too.

In addition, I am also glad they did not make a fool of themselves on National TV. I was not impressed Na PD calls the Iceland boys Stones. I don’t believe in doing stupid things (intentionally or not) in order to entertain the viewers; because then that should not be called real-life variety shows. I am happy that the boys are being themselves as much as possible, even if they had to face criticisms with the pool scene.


I like Jun Yeol for showing how capable he is when he is caught off-guard, or is required to be spontaneous. He is quick in thinking and decisive, and I am very impressed with his English speaking skills. It seems like he also carries the attitude of ‘since I’m already here, I might as well go with the flow.’ To me, he really is living his life without regrets, and enjoy every moment he can with it. He would probably be the winner if he is to participate in the show, Survivor.



Jae Hong, unlike his character Jung Bong, is a lot more reliable in real life. Having been in the army already, he showcases independence and maturity, but his every moves are still very comical. There is nothing much I can say about Jae Hong except he is a sweet and extremely nice and caring Hyung. I was really touched when he wiped Jun Yeol’s foot. He’s so motherly to the boys, and Jun Yeol is their father.


As for Kyung Pyo, I reckon he is the least interesting in the trip, and we have to admit there is very little focus on him as well. Maybe it is because he has had many moments of ups and downs, and he is constantly stressed being the Treasurer that it cannot be shown onscreen. I don’t know. My impression of him at first was: he is on the phone a lot. But like others, he is also just as capable and even though he isn’t as fluent in English, I admire that he braved it and opens his mouth whenever required. He should be more confident of himself because heck, his English skills is definitely better than Jung Woo, who can’t even communicate with anyone, LMAO. I wish him all the best in his acting career from now on.



I love that none of them are useless in this trip, even though Bo Gum feels that way, but he is not. I can tell, the PDs loves him to bits judging by their editing. True that he can’t show off his skills because he was outshined by his other Hyungs, but frankly, I think just being there, with that bright personality, has cheered everyone up. He shouldn’t forget he takes care after his Hyungs too; he is a helpful sous chef and he is the team’s mascot of ‘cheerfulness’ and ‘ be grateful of everything’.

Last but not least, I hope they stay the way they are (with less drinking), stay in touch always and be as close as possible. The only thing I wish in Answer Me that comes true is their friendships lasting forever.

— End —

Episode 7: A Reunion


2 thoughts on “Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 6 (Final)

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  1. Thank you for the recap, dear!

    For me, Youths over Flowers in Africa is like.. a healing time. I admit that I lil bit got carried by the fanwar during the Reply 1988, and some of the fans’ behavior really turned me off. But Thank God during this YoF in Africa, I got an opportunity to witness the true self of Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Bogum, and I’m the happiest when they get skinshippy and huggy and kissy and all.. coz their bromance is just the best. It just so ironic when it is clear that these two love each other so dear much, and (some of) the fans spend the time fighting who deserve who.
    But anyway, I will always be “kamsahada” towards YoF .. and now I found a love for Ryu jun Yeolie, n I’ll make sure to support you in the future, wharever works you will be.

    Besides that, YoF unveiled some hidden, surprising facts/past about uri Bogummie. I would have never thought, not in my wildest imagination, that similarity between real Park Bogum and reel Choi Taek is almost 90%. Not only they’re adorably prone to accident, but because they also lost their mothers at very young age! And it makes cry how such bright, always-feel-grateful child was born out of sadness and pain.

    Anyway… thank you again for recapping this beautiful show. Na PD, thank you! Shin PD, thank you!


  2. Lol… I forgot commenting about this week episode.

    I really loved the background instrumental the PD used in the Victoria Falls part. It’s like magical world.. something from Disney..

    And lol anout the undies’ analysis. Glad we didn’t need to take a DNA test to determine the real owner of the blue undie..hahah..
    I cracked up real hard when Jae Hong’s snore got an octave and octave higher. LOLOLOL..


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