Citrus Love: Ryu Jun Yeol Romances Kim Yoo Jung in SkinFood


Oh this is a cute CF. It has the Japanese manga, Itazura Na Kiss feel to it too. For those who may not know this manga, it was adapted to Korean drama under the name Playful Kiss. If there is going to be a reboot, perhaps these two would be the top candidate. I can so see Ryu Jun Yeol as Irie because he has played expressionless Jung Hwan, and he has Irie’s eyes, LOL! Kim Yoo Jung sure can challenge playing the dumb-but-cute-and-cannot-let-audiences-feel-annoyed character that is Kotoko.


In the CF, Kim Yoo Jung chases after the orange she drops. It gets picked up by Jun Yeol. Instead of giving it to her, he tells her rudely to get out of his way. That’s not the right behaviour to treat a pretty girl like Yoo Jung!—which is why I find him very Irie-like in the first place, LOL.


Next we see him plays piano in a classroom. Ohhh check out the arms and the hands, but take note that this CF is heavily photoshop, so what you see is definitely not 100% real. Yoo Jung enters the classroom, too, and gets mesmerised by him. She smiles secretly to herself when she sees her orange sitting by the window.

Jun Yeol also secretly checks her out through the mirror (which just miraculously happens to be sitting right on top of the piano). What is the use of a mirror in piano playing, might I ask, Skin Food? They have somehow indirectly painted Jun Yeol’s character as a vain man who checks himself out in the mirror in this ad. But let’s ignore this flaw, shall we?


The advertisement is trying to sell us a range of skin care products made out of citrus plants. If anyone has tried it, do let me know if it is good. Since it is citrus based, I am expecting the products to be on the acidic side, which may not suit all skin types. But then this is just assumption, Chemists can always neutralise the acidity by adding a base.



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