Youth Over Flowers in Africa Ends & Casting News for Ssangmundong 5


The time has come to say goodbyes to my boys in Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Osen has dropped the bomb and announced that Episode 6 is the finale; a PD edition episode will air on April 1—where they meet up in Seoul and talk about the trip. So is this why there was a group photo with Na PD on the web a couple of days ago? By tradition, in this director’s cut, we should also see some unseen before footage. In that case, Na PD, please give me back the censored kiss scene(s) and Ryu Jun Yeol’s shower scene!

So where do our Ssangmundong 5+ go from here…?

wDRyWfW5tgUgnQleIwEhQT3Gs15 Jung Bong Hyung Ahn Jae Hong can be seen in various movies that have yet to premiere this year. I haven’t come across any casting news for him, but hopefully he gets cast in a drama soon.

However, for now, we shall be meeting him in 3 movies. Firstly, he is in The Last Ride with Ryu Deok Hwan. There is also Fabricated City slated to premiere some time July this year, which he stars alongside Ji Chang Wook and Shim Eun Kyung. Please don’t die in that movie. Judging from his screen name, I have a feeling he is one of the gamers; thus, possibly a friend that will help Ji Chang Wook. Oh, he is also in Missing You, playing a detective. LOL, can’t imagine him being serious.


lee-dong-hwi-reveals-he-did-not-expect-to-be-popular-following-his-role-on-reply-1988Dong Ryong Lee Dong Hwi is also busy shooting a movie and a drama. Lee Dong Hwi’s resume is colourful, having been in supporting roles in many projects, so no doubt he has something up his sleeves even before Answer Me 1988 ended. He will be in Cooperation with Hyun Bin and Kim Joo Hyuk (old Taekie). He has also recently been courted to appear in Entourage, alongside Seo Kang Joon (Cheese in the Trap), Jo Jin Woong (Signal), Im Siwan (Misaeng) and Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man). Omo. The casts of Entourage is enticing! Detective Lee Je Han is my most recent fav character in Signal.

74106-397085 Uri Deok Sunie Hyeri is diagnosed with meningitis not too long ago, and has only recently been given the clearance she is back to her health, and immediately her casting news is reported.

She has agreed to take on a new SBS drama starring against Ji Sung, Chae Jung Ah and Kang Min Hyuk in Entertainer, scheduled to air in April. Apart from this, she will be busy filming two CFs.



12219580_1938250073065957_7213703758236349670_n Jung Hwan Ryu Jun Yeol is confirmed starring against Hwang Jung Eum in upcoming MBC drama, Lucky Romance, set to air in May.

Woah, this I gotta see. The drama is adapted from a webtoon, and Jun Yeol will be romancing Hwang Jung Eum. It sounds like a rom-com, so I am definitely up for it. It is also a huge challenge for Jun Yeol, carrying a drama on his shoulder after only debuted a year ago.

It is also his first time as a male lead in one of the big 3 stations, so I hope he can handle the pressure; viewers/netizens can be really mean if they don’t see things they like. Fighting and best of luck!


005xd7EKjw1f1x6q1uj18j30fa0myjs2 As for our beloved Choi Taek, Taekie Park Bo Gum, he may have declined Entertainer, but he challenging himself with his first ever lead role! He will play a Joseon Crown Prince in KBS drama’s Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds. Oh my god, a prince! Oh my god, sageuk! Sageuk is not easy, but thank god it is fusion sageuk. So I am hoping for a light and fun romantic drama. I am all set to spazz, swoon and drool in August. I think I have to put up a sign on my front door saying ‘Visitors unwelcome from August to October’—or maybe I should start as early as May.

Casting of other characters are still in progress. Yook Sung Jae and Kim Ji Won were reportedly considering, and I do think very highly they might take it, but there is still no confirmation as of yet.

Sighhhhh… August is a loooooonnngg wait.


That leaves Sun Woo noona and Bora noona, Go Kyung Pyo and Ryu Hye Young, which we haven’t heard any new casting news. They do have movies each due to be released. Ryu Hye Young is in Love, Lies with Han Hyoo Joo whereas Kyung Pyo is in Night of 7 Years with Jang Dong Gun.

… if not, we can always search up their past movies / dramas to watch. I would recommend Admiral: Roaring Currents, although Kyung Pyo flashes by too quickly. I suppose The Coin Locker Girl is a good choice, except that movie is extremely gloomy and dark. Oh right, Naeil’s Cantabile would be the best choice, and funnily all the above, we get 1 for 2 because Bo Gum is in it, LOL. Ryu Hye Young can be seen playing Joo Won’s sister in Fatal Intuition, except… she… beep, it’s a spoiler if I tell you.


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