Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 5


In this episode, Youth Over Flowers in Africa  is all about Victoria Falls. It only appear in the last 20 minutes, but it is what is really stick in the mind after watching. When the first view of the waterfalls enter the eyes of Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum, it was nothing but extravagance and surreal. There are greens, the beautiful blue skies with white cotton-like clouds, the waterfalls and a rainbow. The view of the waterfalls was a very touching moment, and had me in tears. If Jae Hong thought the view he saw at Etosha Waterhole made him feel tiny, then Victoria Falls would be the view that render me feeling non-existence in this universe.

1458385794332 1458385839997

Still at Etosha National Park, Bo Gum continues to drive whilst his Hyungs observe the animals. They all love the adorably cute baby bushbuck, but show zero interest in most of the bird species. I hear y’all there; I am the same. Birds are just boring unless they are predators and super large in size. At one point they stop to film a bird, and Kyung Pyo is terrified by the sudden sound he heard. “What is that?” Turns out it was made by Jae Hong, in an attempt to draw the bird’s attention. Pwahaha, I enjoy his facial expression.

12819201_952269091518405_2543513494933605807_o 12783621_952268978185083_3341863129557359253_o

They stop over at Halali Camp; another campsite with restaurant. It’s lunchtime so they decide to try their luck again for the restaurant’s kitchen, and luck is on their side as the chef gives permission. Lunch menu is creamy chicken soup with pasta and mushrooms. The production team also give them meat and drinks,  calling it leftovers. For memory, Jae Hong tells them he wants to take the pot home; Jun Yeol picks the tent; Kyung Pyo picks the sleeping bag, and Bo Gum didn’t say anything. In his personal interview, Jae Hong elaborates the pot will remind him all the good times spent and how everyone ate the food he cooked deliciously. A round of rock-paper-scissors game decide the person doing the dishes. It was between Jae Hong and Jun Yeol in the end; Jae Hong lost, but Jun Yeol offers to do it which makes Chef Jae Hong smile brightly. Funny how it is all the same—the person who cooks, hates doing the dishes.


They then leave Halali Camp for Etosha Pan. (⇐More details by clicking on the link). It is basically a huge area of absolute nothing but clear blue sky. Sooo beautiful though! The Pan is where the Youth Over Flowers poster is taken.

RG6FcyO CdFSCACWAAEjsS1.jpg large

Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong are bewildered at how alien the Pan feels; Jun Yeol stands on the top of their car taking in the view from a higher ground, recording the wonder; as for Bo Gum—not sure what is in his mind because it isn’t shown.

1458383786045 1458383802477

The journey continues, next they see a flock of Lesser Flamingo from afar. They stop to observe and take pictures apart from Bo Gum, who must be too tired from driving, and sleeps through it completely. By sun down, they reach Namutoni Camp on the eastern side of Etosha National Park, which they are spending a night before crossing the border heading towards Zimbawe. Production team ask Jae Hong their dinner plan, he tells them BBQ. PD: “Again?” LOL.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Where is the lion? Did they not see any lion? Then how did Jun Yeol win that shirt in the end?

1458384822036 1458384857163

They take turns setting up the BBQ burner. Jae Hong and Jun Yeol check the meat isn’t smelling weird (I’m worried, were the meat placed in a cooler the whole trip?). And looks like they bought some woodfire this time. Whilst Jae Hong creates fire, Kyung Pyo and Bo Gum clean the tents.


When dinner is ready, the boys devour the meat like no tomorrow. Jae Hong feeds each dongsaeng a small piece of meat, and it is fascinating to see Bo Gum’s reaction every time he tasted yummy food. He lets out this ‘happy-I-am-in-heaven’ smile. Watching them eat BBQ makes me want to eat BBQ steak too, and I am not even a fan of BBQ.

1458385019879 1458385038345

While eating, the Hyungs sip their beers. They encourage Bo Gum to taste the beer with meat, but right then the Production team ask them to try an African liquer named Amarula. It is a cream liquor made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African marula tree. They take a mouthful and love it. It is funny that all the boys have their own signature expression when tasting something yummy. It was difficult to capture Kyung Pyo’s, which is the least interesting. Jae Hong likes screwing up his face, and Bo Gum just smiles happily. Hehe. [Video]


Jun Yeol smiles too after tasting the liquor, but when they are told it is even better having the liquor with sausage, he makes similar expression like Jae Hong’s. I think these boys are easily satisfied—just cook them food and give them plenty of alcohol; their hearts are yours to keep. Piece of cake. But ottoke?! Bo Gum is slowly being polluted by his Hyungs… aigoo.

The boys are then taken away for personal interview. Bo Gum may or may not have been the first, but subtitles tell us he is, and he returns to cook more meat for everyone. (Note: This is the personal interview where he cries). Kyung Pyo later joins him; they talk about how scary it is returning to work after this trip. Bo Gum tells Kyung Pyo that one time he had called his father, telling him he feels tired. His father responded: “Isn’t this what you have wanted to do long ago?” With that, Bo Gum realises his way of thinking is too shallow. He tells himself that even though sometimes it is tiresome, but instead of thinking he is tired, which will make him feel extra tired, he should think of it as he is doing the job that makes him happy.

1458387908074 1458387928632

After dinner, Jae Hong praises Kyung Pyo is doing a good job being the Treasurer, and he re-iterated that he doesn’t want Kyung Pyo feel tied up and missed out because of this responsibility. “I really like Jae Hong hyung. To be frank, I rely on all of you, but I especially depend on Jae Hong; technically I already rely on Jae Hong hyung in South Korea.” In the interview, Kyung Pyo explains they have known each other since college. Jae Hong takes good care of him, and has always been there for him, providing support. He says even though Jae Hong does not offer solutions, but having him by his side is comforting enough. Both boys hope their friendship will stay like this forever.

web_3551270369_ff18374d web_3551270369_2eca7ad7

When the Hyungs have all fallen asleep (this must be the part mentioned in the press con that they have too much to drink), after tugging them to bed, Bo Gum stays behind to tidy up. It is quite funny that he turns around and gets startled by a jackal. He yells at it (but more in the whispering volume): “Ya!! There’s no food to eat.” LOLLLL so cute; although my ears heard him say Pork eopseo, and that would have been cuter. He then sleeps in the car not wanting to wake his Hyungs.

1458388509395 1458388569210

Next morning, Jae Hong and Jun Yeol do some stretching exersice whilst brushing their teeth, which crack the PD (who films them) up. Perhaps not having a good sleep in the car, Bo Gum doesn’t look too happy, or he is just upset there’s no more food. LOL. But the subtitles tell us he hasn’t fully woken up, so Jun Yeol goes over to give him a wake-up kiss. Pfft. I am now 100% certain Na PD has edited out the scene Bo Gum kisses Jun Yeol at Dune 49. WHY? WHYYYY??


Apparently Jae Hong did announce they are out of food previously, so maybe we can assume Na PD has fed them with bread and milk, based on the image above. After packing up, they get ready in the car; Jae Hong looks around for something, but before he asks for it, Bo Gum quickly squeezes it into his hand. He then asks if anyone has tissue paper, “I have it.” answered Bo Gum.

1458388611724 1458388639853

“Do you have hand cream too, Bo Gum-ah?” and when Bo Gum tells him of course he has, Jae Hong declares Bo Gum to be a Groceries Store (meaning he is like Doraemon). Before another looooonggg drive, they stop by a petrol station to feed Mundongie, and whilst waiting, they pose for a selca. Pffft~

1458389979706 1458390041071

After driving for about 4.5 hours (ouch!) and crossing a border, they arrive at a town for KFC. I must admit right after watching this I had KFC for lunch. After eating, Kyung Pyo asks: “Do we have to eat tonight?” UH OH. Looks like the budget is getting extremely tight. You guys should really stop spending on beers! Jae Hong says no they should at least eat something, and all agree to eat simple and finish whatever remains. Yikes.


Kyung Pyo is definitely stressed out as the treasurer, but he can’t not let the Hyungs or Bo Gum have what they want if they ask for it, so he gets stingy on himself such as refusing to buy a pair of sandles. He even gives Na PD & co. all the receipts he saved up at the end of the trip. Female PD tells him he is the first person who did this, and then we see all the receipts lay out on a long table back in South Korea. Woah. Just woah, but then what is Na PD going to do with them?

They then leave KFC, and realise the eating knife they took from Singapore Airline has been trashed by the KFC staffs after borrowing it to the Production team. Kyung Pyo demands Na PD to compensate the lost. He demands for USD$100, or give them a free meal since they rely a lot on that knife, LOL. Na PD & co. promise to replace them with better cutlery set, but they ask for a free meal. Aish, they should have negotiated further, and send Bo Gum to aegyo for USD$100 first. If unsuccessful, then settle for a meal.


The boys stop by a money changer, and Jun Yeol takes the time to rest. Gosh, he has been driving for horrendous amount of hours. Bo Gum offers to drive, but he says he is fine. They continue for another 2-3 hours drive (I think?) and arrive at Divundu Guest House, their lodging for the night. To which Na PD commented over the walkie-talkie, “I’m sorry, but is this a refuge home?”. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


The boys’ eating simple is cooking Spaghetti Bolognaise with Ham. Jae Hong and the boys had a dumb and dumber moment where instead of boiling the spaghetti first, they chuck 4 cans of tomato sauce into the pot. Scenes to note: (1) production team bought them new knife, (2) Jae Hong acts modest when Bo Gum praises him always cook yummy food, but wants Bo Gum to say it again louder. LOL (3) Jun Yeol tells Bo Gum to be careful of the fire; Jae Hong asks “What about me?”; that startled Jun Yeol and flustered him, LMAO.

Nevertheless, the simple meal is a success and they ate happily inside the room; all 4 big boys hunching over a small table. After dinner, the boys decide who sleeps on the bed and who gets the floor because there are only enough for 3 people on the bed. Bo Gum offers to sleep on the floor, but the Hyungs say no. “What did I do to sleep on the bed?” Hyungs tell him he has slept in the car the night before and he must be exhausted, and when he insisted, Hyungs shut him up by telling him he can sleep on the ground, but they will sleep in car and the pool. So he complies, although we see him nagging about it quietly because he feels bad.

In a personal interview, he explains that each Hyung is in charge of a task (i.e. Jun Yeol drives, Jae Hong cooks and Kyung Pyo looks after the money/setting up the tent), and he has nothing to do. Female PD: “You help cleaning up.” “Anyone can clean up. I feel really sorry. I wanted to do well in everything.” he says. The subtitles read: Always quietly working behind the scenes, but feeling apologetic towards the Hyungs. Aww this silly boy, he is making me tear up. But I do understand how he feels because we all want to be useful and be needed, especially in circumstances like this.


Once the bed issue is settled, they all take turn showering except Jun Yeol—who has fallen into a deep slumber. It is the first time I hear him snore; it signifies how tired he have been driving such long hours. He’s so deep asleep that even when the other 3 make noise while drinking more Amarula, it doesn’t stir him up. They want to let him rest, so they did not wake him up too. However, Jae Hong thinks they should at least clean his feet. OMG. I’m in tears. This part is so touching. I feel really sorry for Jun Yeol at this point. Driving long distance is not a fun job, and he does it willingly and without any complaints. This is why Bo Gum feels extra guilty, and wants to be more of help to his Hyungs.

1458391406668 1458391505631

When Jun Yeol wakes up and switches on the lights, Bo Gum is already in shower. Jae Hong’s thundering snores can be heard by my whole neighbourhood, good God, it’s so loud and I don’t even know how Kyung Pyo can not go deaf sleeping next to him since Phuket. And yayyyy, nekkid time is back! That said, now I realise I have never seen Jae Hong topless.

1458391488649 1458393606169

The boys are waking up super early (at 6:30 am) because they have a long way ahead of them again, before they reach Victoria Falls. Everyone seems to be bitten by mosquitoes; Bo Gum applies medicine on Kyung Pyo whilst he is still asleep, and gives Jae Hong an arm massage. He himself seems to be bitten by mosquitoes, having huge red patches on his face, although he later on said one is allergy and the rest are mosquito bites. Should we be jealous of the mozzies, they tasted all the boys’ blood! Back to the allergy, allergic to what may I ask? It does look more like hives, so can it perhaps be allergies from alcohol?

1458394228746 1458394711711

Before leaving, Jun Yeol fools around with the walkie-talkie, “Hello all, I am the driver, Ryu Jun Yeol, who will take everyone safely to Victoria Falls today. Before we arrive at the destination…”, but gets yelled at by Na PD to hurry up and get going. BWAHAHAHA funny. They pass by more borders and before arriving at Victoria Falls, they could see mist spray from afar. From day till night, the view is different. Niceee.

In their personal interview, before Victoria Falls, they were asked to give their views about the trip. Jae Hong names all the places they have visited and says Victoria Falls is their final destination, whereas to Jun Yeol, Victoria Falls is their main aim when they departed from Phuket. For Bo Gum, he says water rafting at Victoria Falls is their wish, and he looks forward to it. Kyung Pyo’s is the funniest because all he can think of is they will be short of money by the time they reach Victoria Falls. Two people may not be able enter Devil’s pool if it costs USD$90 per head. LOL. LOL.


They arrive at Victoria Falls 20 minutes before closing, and from hereon, I am just going to let the pictures or videos do the talking… the views of the waterfalls are beyond words. Now why aren’t there posters of the boys with Victoria Falls released??? [Video]


After admiring the first view, they continue on the pathway as the waterfall stretches out for as long as 1708 metres, being classified as the largest waterfalls in the world. At one point, the boys start getting excited, yelling out: “We reach the end where the rainbow is”, but without subtitles, we just see them looking at something invisible, and jumping around like a lunatic. However, now that we know they are looking at the rainbow, and are gathering in a circle right under where the rainbow supposedly is ‘shining’ on them. I guess we should take it as they see it as they are getting blessed by the rainbow in this scene. Haha.

1458394276477 1458394298326

They see moreeee waterfalls and continue to marvel at the extravagant view. I just love how both Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo pat Bo Gum on the head. They really do love / spoil their maknae. Maybe he said something nice, and I guess it is hard to dislike him too, because how is one going to reject this cute little thing cuddling up onto you?


Oh my god, the above view is just @^#&* — It doesn’t help when the BGM (Pocahontas: Farewell) intensifies the Feels. So. Beautiful. CRIES. Now I understand why Na PD returns for the second time. Note to self: Zimbawe, here I come (soon).

— The End —


Next week the boys are going water rafting and bumgee jumping. OMG, I cannot wait to see!


5 thoughts on “Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 5

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  1. loved your recap
    I swear Bogummy is getting more adorable as we get to know more of him. Can’t believe it is the last episode next week


  2. is the next ep the final?? i don’t want it to end, seriously. Thanks for your recap so much and Na PD who let us see the shining bogummy with his real self. no wonder why many seniors adore him. the boy is so lovely.


  3. enjoyed your post. it is amazing how foreigners also feel exactly the same as we koreans do feel while watching this show. those 4 boys are so lovely, especially bogum, personally.. haha
    thanks again for the recap. looking forward to your next post.


  4. Love your recap! Keep up the good work!
    Just a few things requiring edits that caught my eyes.

    1.The animal that startled Bogum at night is not a fox, but a jackal.
    2. Bogum didn’t say there’s no pork. He said “Ya, Meokulgeo Eopseo” meaning there’s no food to eat.
    3. The thing that Bogum squeezes onto Jaehong’s hand is hand sanitizer.
    4. Na PD did come to an agreement with Kyungpyo to treat the “traumatized” boys (who are suffering from separation anxiety from missing their long lost beloved knife) a nice meal as a compensation. Or else he was to face an over-charge of U$100. But Na PD also ended up getting them a brand new cooking knife since they had nothing to cook with that very night.
    5. Jaehong never called pasta Ramen. He simply called it “Myun” which is a broad umbrella term referring to all kinds of noodles. Both ramen and pasta fall under “myun” category.
    6. When Bogum volunteered to sleep on the floor, Junyeol said he will sleep in the car if Bogum insists, and Jaehong said he will sleep in the pool.
    7. When Bogum mentioned of each Hyung’s tasks, he said Kyungpyo’s in charge of putting up the tents.
    8. Bogum said the hive above his lips is due to an allergic reaction, the rest on his cheeks are all mosquito bites. He never mentioned about pimple.
    9. Kyungpyo said it costs U$90 to enter the Devil’s pool and they only have enough budget for two.


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