[TVCF] Park Bo Gum’s Misaeng with TNGT


Ever wonder if Park Bo Gum is to become an office worker, like Jang Geu Rae in Misaeng? Wonder no more! Through TNGT TV commercial, we get to see a short story of a man who keeps failing to be hired turn into Bo Gum, and immediately gets the job. The miracle transformation relies on the wearing TNGT suit, hehehe.

TNGT 2:52 Minutes Version

TNGT 16s Version


The premise of the CF is fun and funny; I like it lots. However, it worries a little the advertisement consist of implications of not-so-g00d-looking people are being judged by their physical appearances when looking for a job. This is not entirely untrue in the real world, but we don’t want to directly show it in their face, and more importantly, we don’t want Bogummy to be in the middle of it…

For more pretty TNGT x Park Bo Gum, go to: Park Bo Gum Models for Fashion Apparel TNGT



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