Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Courts BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae


LAST & LATEST UPDATE: Yook Sung Jae has turned down the offer.
UPDATE: I wanna kill the Korean media for this. First they report Yook Sung Jae confirms, now they report his agency, CUBE Entertainment, denies saying it is still in discussion.

Breaking news! Woah, this is unexpected. BTOB’s idol singer/actor, Yook Sung Jae (School 2015: Who Are You) has been casted to play Kim Yoo Sung, the second male lead of KBS upcoming sageuk drama—Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (Working title).

The character of Kim Yoo Sung is said to be charismatic, knowledgeable and multi-talented. He will fall in love with the heroine, Hong Ra On, and become entangled in a love triangle with Crown Prince Hyomyeong, potrayed by Park Bo Gum (Answer Me 1988), who is the first confirmed cast for the drama.


The drama is adapted from romance novel written by Yoo Yi Soo—about the story of a young woman i.e. Hong Ra On, disguises as a man, giving out love advice in 19th century Joseon. She then enters the palace posting as a eunuch, meets the Prince Hyomyeong and they later fall in love. My hope for zero love triangle is now down the drain, especially after Yook Sung Jae’s confirmation. No news yet on who the female lead may be; we only know for now Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun) has been offered, and that she is positively considering the script.

I did not give much thought to who the second male lead should be, because my utmost concern is on the female lead. So far it is fair to say it is falling into its place quite nicely, even though Yook Sung Jae carries the burden of being an idol, but he is not one without acting abilities or on-screen charm. His capability in School 2015: Who Are You is well-received and approved, thus we can sure he will be just as charming as Kim Yoo Sung, i.e. if the screenwriter gives it to him in the script.

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As for Park Bo Gum’s role, I read that the Crown Prince is supposedly a cold person who suffers from insomnia. What? Again? Surely in that era there is no sleeping pills to take! When Prince Hyomyeong meets the heroine, he gets intrigued by her, but initially, he did not know he is a she, and he puzzles at the feelings he develops for her. Note: Don’t quote me on this information though.

In previous post, I commented that Park Bo Gum had openly express his wish to work with actress, Kim So Hyun (School 2015: Who Are You), and I thought it would be enjoyable to watch the sparks between them when acting against one another. However, with Yook Sung Jae in the mix, I am unsure it will be a good idea if Kim So Hyun gets the role. It will be history repeated where Sung Jae loses his girl to the male lead, again. For this, I am not keen to see.

71675-380629Let’s say if Kim So Hyun confirms, it will most definitely create a lot of buzz, as well as attract lots of media attention. However, there were a lot of noise when School 2015: Who Are You ended, and shippers of TaeBi couple were unhappy. Thus, it would be nice if innocent people doesn’t get entangled in the rabid, delusional world of shipping. Sigh, it sucks, I really wanted to see Bo Gum and So Hyun going up against each other with their acting. What they had entertained us at the KBS Drama Awards 2015 was less than satisfying because they were barely in character, and if they were on-set at the time, what we see would have been a lot more satisfying. Gibberish talk aside, since the heroine’s role is still up in the air, I pray that it goes to a capable young female actress who can actually act.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is slated to air on 1 August, 2016.

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2 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Courts BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae

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  1. Woahhh…im sad i was waiting all the time for a historical drama for my idol yook sungjae coz i wanna see him wearing traditional dress (hanbok),i love korean historical drama hopping that someday sungjae will have another offer like this i will support and watch it for my sungjae,sungjae has a reason why he drop this contract because of his conflict in schedule i still love you sungjae take care always and fighting!!! Saranghae oppa


  2. Im sad coz i’ve waited this kind of drama for my yook sungjae i wanna see him wearing traditional dress (hanbok) in a drama ive waited his first historical drama all the time but now he drop the contract sungjae has a reason why he drop it because of his schedule i love historical drama and i love sungjae i was praying that aomeday there must be an offer for him like thus drama i still support you my idol keep it up take care always and fighting!!! Saranghae oppa ♡


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