LLANG Releases BTS Making of Park Bo Gum


(LLang), a Korean cosmetic brand I’ve never heard of before until Park Bo Gum is courted to model for it. There hasn’t been many official posters or pictures released since Bo Gum completed the photoshoot. If my memory serves me right, the photoshoot was done before Phuket trip and getting kidnapped to Africa.

Behind the Scenes: Making

Hmm. That’s it? Where is that topless picture previously shared on the SNS? Bring out the big guns already, LLang. Not too sure what magic oil our Bo Gum is advertising, but rest assured not to get sucked in by the fancy marketing text on the bottle.

IMG_20160122_201808CbkgUb9UkAAJyAW.jpg largei.aspxCdBGA6oVAAA5Jv3.jpg large


2 thoughts on “LLANG Releases BTS Making of Park Bo Gum

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  1. He looks so tottaly hot in that black suit. And whaaaa??? Topless Bogum?? How much do I have to pay to get a look?? *reachingforanemptywallet . Sigh…… the photographer must have come to a conclusion that a topless Bogum might be just too much for the society… Hospitals might be packed with nose bleeding ladies everywhere.. and so, he decided to just keep the phitos for himself.


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