Tucson Helps Ryu Jun Yeol: An Alternate Ending for Answer Me 1988 in CF


Check out Ryu Jun Yeol‘s new car CF  — Hyundai Tucson. It had been out for a couple of days now, but there were no pictures to go with the TVCF at the time, but now we do, so wheeeee. Jun Yeol looks gorgeous, but it made me LOL when I hear his narration.

What’s funny is he did end up having a car endorsement contract. This is in reference to he was tricked into thinking he has a car CF to shoot overseas when Na PD planned to kidnap him at Phuket. Now the curiosity lies in whether he has already landed this CF deal before or after he was kidnapped. Guess I’ll never know.


Ryu Jun Yeol reprises his role as Jung Hwan from Answer Me 1988, sitting in the four wheel car saying the lines he had said from episode 18 about fate and timing. LOL. Is Hyundai trying to hint that their car is faster and better than Jeep? Hehehe.

With the help of this awesome new, blue car, we have an alternate ending for Jung Hwan’s loveline. We see him rushes to the concert, and pulls his special someone out from the crowd. Unfortunately, in this alternate world, you will have to imagine who that person is, heh.

Endnote: A man becomes thousand times more attractive when they have a good hairstyle!

Source: CJ.ES


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