Youth Over Flowers In Africa: Episode 3

Youth Over Flowers in Africa episode 3’s rating drops to 10%. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. Have my boys started to lose their appeals?—But it is fair to say that this episode is less interesting compared to episode 2, where a lot of time is spent in the car or on the road, but it it is not one without any event or lack of cute. The upside is the amount of nekkidness topping the chart in this episode. We will have even more from the looks of episode 4 preview. 😀

1457222668652 1457222699325

The show picks up at Dune 49 and the team are heading back to the campsite. Ahn Jae Hong is asked to introduce what breakfast he will be making. He tells the camera he is inspired to cook curry. Isn’t this a bit strong for breakfast? Jae Hong decides to take the wheel, and Ryu Jun Yeol marvels how comfortable the side-driver seat is. For the first time, he gets off the driver seat and takes a breather. Meanwhile at the back, Park Bo Gum sniffles, “It’s all sand in the nose”. Took you long enough to notice.

1457222778581 1457222762187

As Jae Hong drives, he thinks out loud, “We are Youth Over Flowers…” “…the youngest.” Bo Gum finishes off the sentence for him. He is at awe how he and Bo Gum are thinking of the same thing; he says it isn’t like he gave out hints. He is at awe again when Ryu Jun Yeol and him say, “…we are also the Youth Over Flowers that travelled the furthest.” Not too sure why or how this conversation came about, but I do enjoy watching them react to it.

Chef Ahn Jae Hong in Kitchen Time!


Jun Yeol decides to be the PD/cameraman filming Jae Hong preparing breakfast, in doing so, the crews can get some rest. Assistant chef, Bo Gum, helps prepping on the side as executive chef Ahn introduces the ingredients he will be using. Meanwhile, Go Kyung Pyo heads off to pack up the tents and sleeping bags.


Jae Hong and Bo Gum put baby potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms and butter in the pot. It is then revealed that the silver cutleries they were using at the BBQ were taken from the plane. And no, they didn’t steal it; they actually asked the flight attendants if they could take it, and the flight attendants said yes. Woah. I didn’t know we would be allowed. Good job, boys. LOL. Side note: while filming the boys preparing food, Jun Yeol noted that Bo Gum has manly hands. I agree. His hands are manly (and looked rough). In next episode’s preview, Jae Hong asks Bo Gum why his hands are so rough; we don’t get to hear anything, but please don’t tell me there is another sad story behind the hands. It will make his fans cry a river for him, again.

1457223092747 1457223168140

After everything is prepared, belatedly they realise once again they have no fire to cook. Aigoo. But no fear, the 3 boys relocate themselves to the reception area. Bo Gum asks the restaurant staff if they can use the kitchen. Surprisingly, the staffs let them. While Jae Hong cooks the food, the boys become friendly with the young man. There are times I wish Jun Yeol would not be around so that I can hear the other 3 speaks English. I especially want to hear more from Bo Gum, knowing that he is the second most capable with English speaking. He takes his time to think of the words, and speaks slower than Jun Yeol, but they are all correct words (though grammar used may be wrong); it is clear and easily understand. I also like how gentle and soft he always sound when he speaks in English.

1457223186806 1457223301515

Once breakfast is almost ready, Bo Gum and Jun Yeol leave to fetch the bread, but then they decided to buy the bread from the restaurant instead, because it is extremely cheap. Jun Yeol then sees a plate of leftovers and decides to sit down on that table. OH MY GOD. Is he planning to eat the leftovers?! Sure enough once Kyung Pyo joins them (Note: he is half nekkid. Cue his fans screaming), the boys start digging in and cutting up the leftover tomato, sausage and bread on the plate. Ewww. I swear Bo Gum could have licked the pot clean at the end, LOL. I also think this boy is a neat freak. He eats neatly i.e. the only one who holds a tissue near his mouth/food to prevent anything dripping, and even wipes the table after breakfast. He makes me so ashame of myself. 😦 [Video]

Then we cut to… more nekkidness. Woot. Is this heaven? This time it is Bo Gum and Jun Yeol walking from the bathroom to the car topless. Wipe your drool, girls. After a short beauty session, they leave the campsite and head out for the next destination.

1457223347011 1457223376138

It is a loooooooooooong drive as we see them take turns driving and falling asleep. Ugh. Just watching them doing this makes me tired. It is tiredsome for the driver, but it is just as tiredsome for the passengers. The clips of them in the car would have been extremely boring if it hadn’t been for Bo Gum DJ-ing the music or grooving along with the melody.


They stop to say hi to the Western travellers on the side of the road. One of the young women is travelling alone, to which Jun Yeol exchanges phone number with. The other 3 boys cheer in background when the girl gets close to Jun Yeol, LOLLLL. So typical. Later on in a personal interview, Jun Yeol tells us that he texted to tell her she is cool (for travelling alone in Africa), and she responded, “Yolo”. In short, it means You Only Live Once. Yes indeed. So true. It is also very brave of that girl to do this, alone, in Africa.


After god-knows-how-looooong the drive is as we listen to Jae Hong snores away, the car stops in middle of no where. We see Jae Hong, Bo Gum and Kyung Pyo needed to pee. Hahahaha. Bo Gum is so shy that he heads down further, away from the cameras. And then they decide to eat. WHUT? No! DID YOU GUYS WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING THOSE FOOD?! Well, I guess they are eating their own…errr…normal flora. Ahem. After lunch then they decide to wash their hands. *Face-palm*

Oh my god…are we there yet? The scene now cuts to night where Jae Hong is driving with Bo Gum sitting on the side, worrying, because he clocks Jae Hong pinch himself in order to stay awake. We then see Bo Gum taking the wheel, but less than 3 minutes later they are asked to pull over because Bo Gum did not stop when there is a STOP sign. Bo Gum is quick to admit fault and starts apologising. Jae Hong is super worried and feels extremely guilty; he feels even worse that he has to leave Bo Gum at the station because their time of hotel check-in is up.


After everything is settled behind the scene (at least let us know what happened at the station in the interview!), Bo Gum rejoins them. Both Hyungs shower him with hugs, and can’t stop apologising. They each take turn in blaming themselves. Aigoo. Let’s lighten up the mood with more Kyung Pyo’s nekkidness, shall we? I’ll even throw in cameo appearance of his turquoise undies.

1457223535565 1457223553197

Thankfully, the exhaustion and bad mood are washed away when they wake up to the sunshine at Swakopmund and yummy breakfast. Jae Hong summons them to breakfast, leaving Kyung Pyo still Zzz-ing. God I love their wake-up hairs. Bwahahaha. So darn cute! I think I also spotted Bo Gum’s black underwear when he gets up from his bed, tee hee. Nice legs you’ve got there too. 😉

Jae Hong leads his two dongsaeng to get breakfast in bathrobes, LOL. But after they grab all the food, and are about to sit down, the staff asked them to put on proper clothes. We see them walk back side by side, side-hugging one another to get dressed. Hehehe. Love the bromance. ❤


My god, Bo Gum is such a big eater! He had toasted 6 pieces of bread, to which I thought it’s shared between them, but he ate them all after gulfing down a bowl of cereals. > <” He is also caught on camera that whilst munching, he can’t wait to put the next food in his mouth. LOL. I feel like I am watching the male version of Deok Sun. LMAO.


After breakfast, the boys decide to split up. Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo want to Zzz some more, but Jun Yeol and Bo Gum are going for some adventures—Quad Biking and Sand Boarding at 3pm. Oh yeah, baby, I’m excited. They get picked up at 2pm from the hotel and headed into Namib desert. Jun Yeol leaves his camera behind; Bo Gum pockets it and plans to play a prank by hiding the selfie stick in his jacket, only to be out-smarted by Jun Yeol, as Jun Yeol casually and very coolly asks for the stick. Hahaha. He’s too gullible himself to be able to play pranks on his hyung. Besides, the whole time he can’t keep a straight face.

1457223793946 1457223820773

At Desert Explorer, the two of them look extremely puzzled when the staff asks them to wear hair net. Now this I can explain, it is definitely not the reason given on the subtitle:
That’s meant for Genie papers‘—what is this crap, Na PD?

Real reason: It is for hygienic purposes because some people sweat really badly and that stink up the helmet. Other reason I can think of is what if that person has head lice? Once helmet is on, the boys head out for quad biking. Baaaaahhhh… it is sooooo cool. I wish I can join them too. [Video]


Jun Yeol takes off in full speed; Bo Gum follows closely behind. At one point, Bo Gum loses track and sends the bike down the slope. He isn’t stuck as I see, but I don’t know why he couldn’t get himself out of it. The staff helps him and he explains in the interview that he feels really touched that Jun Yeol keeps turning his head to check on him, as well as telling him to take it easy. At this rate, he is falling in love with Jun Yeol I tell ya’ll. LOL. [Video]

Meanwhile, Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong wake from their nap. As Jae Hong walks by the lounge, he picks up the turquoise undies from the floor, and put it back on the chair to dry. Then we see Kyung Pyo comes out, dunks into his undies to wipe his face. OMG WTF! I… I… I’m speechless. You’re in a hotel, use a towel, you dope! Now let me ask one thing to his fans, do you guys love him more or less with what you’ve just saw? Hahahaha.


They first exchange for more Namibia dollar, and then decide to go all out tonight for a nice seafood dinner at The Tug Restaurant. Kyung Pyo looks stress as Go Cashier, LOL. I don’t blame him. I would be too. They book a table for four and head out again, praising themselves for doing well conversing in English without Jun Yeol…until they bump into the girl who travels alone. Hahahahaha, and I get a dévà ju of the Iceland boys. The girl greets and hugs them warmly, asks them a few questions, but soon she can no longer carry on with the conversation because they became mute, and awkwardness envelope them. Bwahaha.


Next up: Sand boarding. Eeeek. Looks so scary, yet so fun! Bo Gum is so excited and into sand boarding. Jun Yeol, needless to say, absolutely loved the adrenaline rush. Not too sure how many times the boys play it, but seeing the schedule, they might have done quad biking for 2 hours and 1 hour of sand boarding. But I could be wrong since the program doesn’t match up. [Video]


Jun Yeol and Bo Gum are having a time of their life, and we cut to Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo awkwardly sitting on the beach with a local old man. =.=’


Silence. Awkward.

The sea view is great, but it was rather boring to watch Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo wandering on the beach like two old men.

Now one of you please post this selfie on your SNS!

The mood immediately lightens up with positive energies when the screen changed to Bo Gum and Jun Yeol. Bo Gum is like a kid, writing Youth Over Flowers on the wet sand whilst Jun Yeol on the phone with Kyung Pyo, discussing where to meet up. Bo Gum is just about to say something, “In Africa…” when the wave attacked his bum-bum. He jumps up in shock as the sea water wet his shoes. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ So cute.


The 4 meet up and decide to shop for food. They play a game where the loser has to pick up the car by himself. Bo Gum having not played the game before totally trash his hyungs— so beginner’s luck must be true. Technically, no one lost, but because Jun Yeol’s stone is not exactly on the yellow line like the other 3, he has to fetch the car. LOL at the choice of the BGM: La Traviata’s Brindisi (Drinking Song). Very apt and funny. I really like the BGMs in this episode.

Whilst Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo shop for food (with Bo Gum no where to be seen), Jun Yeol walks around the town in circle. Hahaha. We see the always capable Jun Yeol having a Taekie moment and got himself lost. The subtitles on screen reads: GPS Jun Yeol is broken. When he finally arrived at the hotel, he suffers another malfuction as he blanked out on the word ‘car key’. LOL.

At the dinner table, Jae Hong is thankful that he got a new pair of pants. Jun Yeol tells them he has been wearing his since Phuket; Kyung Pyo agrees (he’s been wearing his jeans all this time). “It must be hard for you” asked Jun Yeol. “I am used to it now.” Yeah, it must be. From what I know, boys like to go free range.

Jae Hong then tells them they should buy one, and not worry about the money. Kyung Pyo stresses that he can’t since he is the treasurer. Jun Yeol then jokes that it is his fault as he is the one who nominated Kyung Pyo, but Jae Hong sweetly tells him, “I don’t want you to stress and not have any fun.” Aw. Though I wonder if Na PD intended them to have fun, LOL.

Other than the seafood dishes, the boys decide to try out oryx meat. Jae Hong calls the waitress over and asks for white wine recommendation. WHUT?! You’re going to drink wine too? I really am starting to worry for them, spending so lavishly.

Bread is served and I find it cute that big-eater Bo Gum asks if it can be refilled. LMAO. Jun Yeol tells him to take away. Hahaha. The food came, and we are forced to watch them devour all those delicious fresh crayfish, seafood platter and orynx steak etc. *Drool* I wanna be there to eat with them, and getting fed by them too! 😥 They eat and talk a lot of random stuff throughout, one which is discussing about Jae Hong’s snoring habits. Bo Gum: “I wish I can do something for you, Hyung.” That statement scared the shit out of Jae Hong, to which he tells Bo Gum to stay away. LOL.

At one point, it’s as if I am seeing the Ssangmun-dong characters again as Jung Hwan, I mean Jun Yeol wipes Taekie, I mean Bo Gum’s mouth. Awww. Noting that Kyung Pyo was about to do it too, but Jun Yeol is too quick to beat. Soooo sweeeet. Actually Jae Hong did the same to Jun Yeol at breakfast. It took a few re-watch to notice because I was fixated on cute Bo Gum stuffing his face. After dinner, we see them get completely friendly with the staffs; introducing Answer Me 1988, and taking a group picture. The boys then leave The Tug Restaurant in a good mood, singing to Answer Me OST on their whole way back to the hotel.

This must be the part Jae Hong mention in the interview where Bo Gum had some wine, and got a little bit high. He returns to the hotel with his Hyungs and started imitating Lee Dong Hwi’s Dong Ryong’s dancing move from Answer Me 1988…which leads to the GIF below from fans. ROFL.

The boys chatted some more before bedtime. Jae Hong commented that Bo Gum’s legs are all red from sunburn, and also praises him having nice legs, unlike his own big fat thighs. Will you look at that sultry position uri Sun Woo is in, hahahahahahahahaha! He looks completely naked from this view.


At 6 am, Bo Gum is the first to rise and wake his Hyungs. More nekkid scenes, girls! As the Hyungs get ready, Kyung Pyo flashing us his bum, Bo Gum is seen walking around tidying up the hotel. We see Jae Hong telling Kyung Pyo that he thought the hotel maids go to the extent of folded their undies for them, but turned out it was Bo Gum. Did Jae Hong snore so loud that Kyung Pyo decided to sleep in the lounge?

1457227571741 1457227611537

The Hyungs ask Bo Gum to drive, in an attempt to help him regain his confidence after what happened. But… in less than 1 minute, he reverses the car and kiss the wall. HAHAHAHAHA. As much as I feel terribly sorry for him, but I just love Kyung Pyo and his facial expression when it happens. It is priceless.

The boys get off the car and check the condition. Not good. The car’s light is broken. Bo Gum hides behind Jun Yeol and freaks out, ‘I am in trouble again. Ahhh Jjinja, ottokeeeee?’ Awwwwwww, you poor thing. One disaster after another. Jun Yeol comforts him and tells him not to worry. LOL. Jun Yeol did get startled by the hit, but in no time, has already regained his calmness and found the situation hilarious. I suppose he is right, the car is insured (most definitely), so no worries there. Pwahahaha. And because I love their expression so damn much, I’m going to spam it with screencaps as my ending. Heh.


— The End —

I’ll see my goofy boys again next week as they visit the Etosha National Park. Hurray, animals, I ❤ animals.

Episode 4 Teaser



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  1. OMG!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for this refreshing recap that highlight uri Bogummie’s cuteness and heodangness..hahhahahhaha.
    Now I know where to camp after new episode is aired.
    Thank you very muuch. Kamsahaadaaaaaaa!!!


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