First Peek! Jo Jung Suk, Im Soo Jung and Lee Jin Wook in Time Renegade


Time Renegade is a movie that has completed filming earlier in 2015, but for reasons unknown, it will only premiere in April this year. Took them long enough! The movie stars Jo Jung Suk (Oh! My Ghostess), Lee Jin Wook (Goodbye Mr Black) and Im Soo Jung (Perfect Proposal) as the central characters, and also stars Jung Woong In (Veteran, I Can Hear Your Voice), Lee Min Ho (Hwajung), Jung Jin Young (Glamorous Temptation) and On Joo Wan (The Village: Achiara’s Secret).

Teaser Trailer

As Time Renegade is produced by CJ Entertainment, the making of this film is expected to be sufficiently funded. With that said, we still cannot be guaranteed it will have a good story; however, I do think the visual outcome of the movie will not disappoint. This movie is helmed by director Kwak Jae Young of My Sassy Girl; a movie I did not personally find enjoyable, so we shall see.


The story of Time Renegade toys with mystery and time i.e. both men that exist in two different timelines keep dreaming about a woman, or daily lives of one another (?). In 1983, Ji Hwan (Jo Jung Suk) and Yoo Jung (Im Soo Jung) are a couple that is about to get married. Ji Hwan keeps dreaming about Yoo Jung being caught up in a case and in danger, so he tries to protect her.

In 2015, a detective named Gun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) is also dreaming about Yoo Jung. From the teaser trailer, it seems that Yoo Jung had died in 1983, but Gun Woo has met/seen Yoo Jung at present day during a New Year’s Eve celebration. Obviously the case gets weirder and mystified, so both men in two different timelines carried out their own investigations.


In context, it is interesting and does make one curious how or why the two men in different timelines can dream of the same thing/person, or how their lives are intertwined? What is the relation? There is a scene in the bathroom where the mirror is first showing Jo Jung Suk, but as he wipes the fog off the mirror, it became Lee Jin Wook. Is it hinting that the man in 2015 is somewhat Jo Jung Suk after plastic surgery? That he somehow has lost his memory in 1983, and now he is regaining it?


Ji Hwan is a music teacher (should I expect a singing scene or guitar playing scene again?), so he most definitely would not be the person that is caught up in some controversy.

If Lee Jin Wook’s character is not Jo Jung Suk in disguise, then what part does he play in this whole thing?





Source: CJ Entertainment


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