2016 Basso Homme Spring/Summer Collection with Park Seo Joon

CcMjstnVAAATMlA.jpg large

Oopf. So damn H-O-T! The catalogue for Basso Homme Mens apparel is released, and Park Seo Joon is rocking it. I like these so much more than the Winter collection. And no, I swear and cross my heart, it has nothing to do with the bath tub… ahem.

CcMmg_1UMAAqBdR.jpg largeCcMo0gbUYAAEDqB.jpg large

Or the bare chest hiding behind that bath robe or shirt…cough…

CcMmga-UkAAi2B1.jpg largeCcMozchVAAAQcUH.jpg largeCcMjtTtUUAAR3dB.jpg large

No. No. Nothing to do with that little French bulldog either.

CcMnrWHUsAESL6Q.jpg largeCcMjWS-UYAA-WE3.jpg largeCcMjiR4UsAMlIhn.jpg largeCcMjiwLUcAA7H-I.jpg largeCcMjjGQUsAAN771.jpg largeCcMjsT4UAAAJXfW.jpg largeCcMn7xaUAAE5ZMn.jpg largeCcMjXHAUsAAH0XG.jpg largeCcMn8WkUsAA3uWF.jpg large

Definitely not those pouty lips either, no.

It’s all about the clothes on this model named, Park Seo Joon, hehehe.

Source: Basso Homme


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