Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 2

Ahhh~ my boys. I ❤ my boys. I love that they are so camera-comfortable, and because of this we get to see so much moreeee. However, I have one complaint—I find the editing of Youth Over Flowers in Africa chaotic. I hate the scenes jumping around so much to point out something that happens in the future; it looks messy. It would have been better if they emphasise it later, instead of rushing it to let us know how for example, a great cook Ahn Jae Hong is. Apart from this messy editing, it is another extremely enjoyable episode. Note: I did not intend for this to turn into a recap, but there is just so much information in this episode I wanted to record down.

Edit: Small update to Jun Yeol and Bo Gum’s conversation.


Episode 2 starts with the Hyungs checking into a hotel, and phew, it only costs them USD$71 a night. The boys settle down in their room, and oh~ they did buy undies! So what was all that ‘they weren’t wearing panties‘ scene about in the teaser? The boys that were usually comfortable with the cameras, are suddenly conscious of how many of them are set up in the room this time. Reason? The toilet does not have a door, and the bathroom has a see-through door. Hehehe. *Evil thoughts*.

Ryu Jun Yeol is the first to shower, leaving Go Kyung Pyo busy texting on his phone, and Ahn Jae Hong decides to open the cupboard’s door to put his hat away, without realising he changes the angle to the video camera, and it is now filming Jun Yeol showering, hahahahahahahahahahaha OMG.  Show us that clip, please! After shower, Jun Yeol is stunned to find out the video camera is looking right at him, he is first speechless, then laughs in disbelief, and eventually lets out a swear, “Ya, gae-sae-gi”… it is then that both Jae Hong and Kyung Pyo realise what happen, and the two boys burst into laughter. They literally ROTFL. The laughters are so contagious; I catch myself laughing along with them, and at Jun Yeol.


Just when I thought, “We-need-to-break-into-tvN-to-steal-that-video”, Jun Yeol makes sure Na PD delete the whole showering scene on the spot. Aw!!! Party-pooper. The boys then decide to re-enact the whole thing again, this time with Jae Hong caught on camera washing his undies, LMAO! If it weren’t for the subtitles, I had thought Jae Hong did it again without realising.

1457846334284 1457846355265

After the boys decided to call it a day, we cut to Park Bo Gum. We are back at where he has finished informing his Hyungs that he missed the flight. He is still feeling bad about the whole thing, and apologising to the crew for this misstep. He then checks into an airport hotel, but a sea of line is waiting for him. Whilst waiting, he chatted up with a Filipino man who also missed his flights. Bo Gum speaks English casually and confidently too, albeit he speaks it really slowly and there is grammar mistake. The whole waiting scene is filled with nothing but cuteness. He also chatted up with a little African girl, and they took a selca together. [Video]


Bo Gum and PD then check into their room, and we hear more English from Bo Gum, asking reception for one more shampoo, towel and soap. LOL at the pronounciation of soaf. Even in English, Bo Gum is very polite and formal, with the proper use of ‘please’ and ‘thank you very much’. He is staying with the PD, and there isn’t enough for the both of them, so he calls up to ask for more. Very considerate, eh? 🙂


… and the most delicious scene appears for all Bogummy fans. Treating like there is no camera there, Bo Gum takes off his shirt and gets ready for shower. *nose bleed* Oh that darn shower curtain is getting in the way between Bo Gum and I. 😡 Whilst in the middle of shower, the hotel staff delivers the items he requested, and he ever-so-casually comes out behind the shower curtain topless (with a towel covering the bottom half) to answer the door. Gaaaaahhhhh. Thank you, Youth Over Flowers. I will honestly admit among the four, I thought he would be the most camera-shy, but I am delighted to know he is not. Now give me more, Na PD! Bo Gum then cuddles inside his side of the bed, ready for sleep. He plays with the phone for awhile and then fell asleep quite quickly, with his mouth a little open, indicating he has fallen into  a deep sleep.


Next morning, the Hyungs eat their breakfast and drive to airport to pick up Bo Gum. Mischievious Jun Yeol make Bo Gum runs after the car until Jae Hong tells him to stop. Look how much he enjoys teasing the little maknae.

1457846765287 1457846778493

Bo Gum hugs his Hyungs, happy to see them, and the real journey begins. Here is where the teaser bit comes in as the Hyungs tell Bo Gum they are not wearing undies, and that undies are expensive in Africa. Tsk tsk. They had planned to prank Bo Gum and are only going to give him a fresh pair of undies when Bo Gum gets desperate.

1457846842165 1457846888245

They first stop by the shopping mall where they split up into two groups—Jun Yeol and Kyung Pyo tackling on clothes shopping, whilst Jae Hong takes little Bo Gum on food shopping. They are camping tonight, and Jae Hong is making BBQ pork and chicken for dinner. Sounds delicious!


Then they drive 5 hours (OMG!!!) to the campsite, and drive out again to watch the sunset at a desert place. The sunset is so beautiful that the boys get a little quiet. Jun Yeol sits further away from everyone else, taking in the view, and enjoys his moment of being alone. He is then called by the boys and he joins them, as they start taking selcas and pictures with the beautiful purple backdrop.


This looks beautiful and awesome, except the fact that Jae Hong rips his pants doing this. HAHAHAHAHA. Poor thing, they did not buy extra pair of pants at the mall, so Jae Hong has no good pants to change into.

Sun is down; they are back at campsite, and time to make dinner. The boys split into two pairs again—with Kyung Pyo setting up the tent and Bo Gum helps. Thank god one of them is experienced, because I wouldn’t know how to set up a tent too, just like Bo Gum. However, I’m sure it comes with an instruction manual, right? 😀


Jae Hong and Jun Yeol realise they have no fire, so they decide to try their luck by borrowing from other travellers. For the first time, Jun Yeol isn’t confident with his English, as he gets stuck trying to tell the man he has no torch or lighter, or calling the wood fuel a tree. He finds what he said funny too, but I like that he doesn’t become a mute, and continues to speak. That’s the way to do get better. Another funny part is when the man, who says his name is Clever (are you being serious?), asks them if they have knife, LOL, the realisation look on their face is priceless. That’s one of the things a camper must have to make food, boys! Anyway, Clever lends them a knife and gives them 4 wood fuel in the end. These two are pretty thick-faced, as they continue to ask if they can also borrow chairs and tables too, hahaha. I think it is another ‘skill’ all must master when travelling without gadgets.

The boys had a blast during dinner, and the first night camping out is a success. They are well-fed by Jae Hong, and toasted with beers for their Youth in Africa. I wonder if the food cooked included food for the crews as well, or they are cooking their own food? It is also nice to see that Bo Gum has Taekie mode switch off, and he displays quick thinking by using the rock to break the wood fuel into smaller pieces. Atta, boy.

The tent they have bought turn out to be too small, so Jun Yeol and Bo Gum sleep in the car that night. It is only before bedtime that the Hyungs decided to give Bo Gum a new pair of undies, LOL. Such naughty Hyungs, keep teasing their maknae, but then they really do look out for him, too.

The boys wake at 4:30 am so that they can watch sunrise at Dune 49. They climb as high as 170 metres up, but it is unfortunate that that day is a foggy morning. Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong are the less fit ones, panting their whole way up the sand dune. I’ll be joining this group when climbing is involved. Jae Hong is an absolute cutie; I love how he lights up with a wide grin when the crew gives him a bottle of water, LOL.


Jun Yeol decides to climb up further; shortly after, Bo Gum joins him. They have a heart-to-heart conversation about family. Jun Yeol offers to hold the camera for the crews so that they can go off to take some pictures. He tells Bo Gum the crews must want to enjoy the views and send some pictures to their family, but they have to work; listening to that, Bo Gum gets emotional. Bo Gum then asks Jun Yeol where else he would like to go; Jun Yeol says he wants to watch soccer with his father. The two cry babies tear up even more when Jun Yeol says he realised his father must have been under a lot of pressure since the first thing his father wants to do when they have money is to pay off debt; he tells Bo Gum it isn’t like their debt is huge to the point that the family have no money to live or eat well*.

*Jun Yeol is earning more money than he has before (most likely due to the acknowledgment after doing Answer Me), so now that he has more money, he asks his father what his father would like to do. But his father’s response is to pay off the debt.

“Hyung, do you have family photo?” asked Bo Gum. Instead of answering, Jun Yeol returns this question back at Bo Gum. Bo Gum says no (tearing up again). Jun Yeol then offers to pay for Bo Gum to take family photo. Aw. Jun Yeol says he had wanted to give gifts after Answer Me ended, and this would be a good one to give.

CcJiqQXVIAA9uRh.jpg large

It is later explained further in a one-on-one interview with Bo Gum that he does not have a family photo taken before. He explains that his parents only focus on taking his pictures, and he used to think family photo is old-fashioned. He now regrets because all these photos will become fond memories, and he wasn’t able to capture the youth of his parents. Can someone please pass him and me a piece of tissue paper? News had it that during this interview, the crews are crying along too, Bogummy, you are one infectious cry baby.

This tells us he is growing up, and has reached the age that he starts to see his parents aging and their health deteriorating. I do believe being part of a drama show like Answer Me 1988 is the reason why he feels this way. The good thing is he realises this early, if he really has the heart, he can remove these regrets now. Sigh, this cry baby is making me into a cry baby too. [Video: 1 | 2] The conversation then moves on to Jun Yeol talking about living with his parents, and the time he lives with them is short. In conclusion, the boys deduce that spending time with family is important—Answer Me 1988’s family theme story must really gotten to them both.


CcJiqQYUcAAUHMC.jpg large

The fog disperse, and the cry babies got to see the sun rises. After taking some selcas, Bo Gum praises Jun Yeol that he’s good many things: driving, English, acting etc. Calling Jun Yeol the Number 1 Nambyeon (husband). However, Jun Yeol, being (acting?) as if he is still sensitive about it, requests Bo Gum not to use that word, LMAO. So Bo Gum suggests, “Ryu So-bang”, and Jun Yeol says he likes it.

I can no longer tell if this is a joke, or if Ryu Jun Yeol really is sour with Answer Me’s ending, but whatever it is that triggers him to say these things, my only hope is: he does not let this get between his friendship with Bo Gum, and that what he shows to Bo Gum, Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong are his true and genuine self. In other words, please let the Ssangmun-dong friendship extends to real life for these boys, too. Amen.

Not long after, Kyung Pyo calls out to Bo Gum and Jun Yeol to come down because they have their next schedule to catch. As the 4 boys meet up again, they decide to play ‘rolling down the dune’ and ‘running down the dune’, hahahaha. Boys will be boys!

CcJiqRdUcAEExbk.jpg large

The result? Two boys full of sand on their happy faces. Bwahahaha. They probably have sand particles all over their body, hair and inside the undies (ew!); but all these dirt or sadness get washed away seeing their captured happy faces in this picture. It looks fun, except I hate the idea of having sand particles all over the body, and the thought of not being able to shower immediately.

Oops. I said this isn’t a recap, but it literally turns into one…*face-palming myself* I guess it is too interesting of an episode, and difficult containing the flowing thoughts and emotions.

Preview for Episode 3:

Next week the boys will go to a beach, ride quad bikes and play sliding off the sand dune. Funnnn. Quad bike is especially fun. I have the luck to try it out once, although I wasn’t able to go crazy with the accelerator, but I can imagine how much more fun it would be if I could in an open space like these boys had. Jealous me. Other than that, Jae Hong-ah, your snores are as loud as the thunder. Kyung Pyo needs to put his phone away; he is caught texting on the phone so much in the last two episodes. I would not be surprised if he is the first one to use up all the data first.

P.S. Three of these selcas are updated by Bo Gum, and two from Jae Hong. I hope the four boys continue to update selcas every Friday night, because Imma want more selcas of them.


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  1. Hi! Thank you for your recap-which-was-not-meant-to-be-a-recap! I do not understand korean despite being an avid kdrama fan and i was dying for eng subs! Thankfully you covered it so well!! Thank you!! I was especially curious about Bogum’s and Jun-yeol’s heart to heart. I am glad you summed it up for me! Thank you again!


  2. Thank you so much for this recap-which-was-not-meant-to-be-a-recap! I’m pretty much like Catherine, I love kdramas but don’t understand Korean language. Been looking all over the internet for any recap or translation of the episode. THANK YOU!


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