Friday Means Youth Over Flowers in Africa!

Thank god it’s Friday. Finally I get to see my boys on-screen again. It is tough not having any addictive, good dramas airing at the moment (except Signal) after Answer Me 1988 ended.

As much as I don’t want my weekend to end too quick, but I really want time to quick pass, so that Youth Over Flowers will start. Maybe Time God can just freeze the time, and stay forever between Friday night and Sunday noon?

I seriously am worry about their spending! This hotel room looks too posh; thus, meaning expensive. They were given 88,000 won per day as pocket money, and that’s about USD$71 per day. 10 days they only have USD$2840! They have already spent USD$760 on renting the 4 wheel drive; that’s one day and one person’s pocket money. And we can’t forget some extra cash were wasted on taxi fares. I am sweating and worrying for nothing about the boys whilst they enjoy away. Tsk. As if Na PD will starve them… kekeke.

But…where is Bogummy? The one taking the pictures?


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